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  1. I'm probably old enough to be most of yours great grandfather. I smoked a lot when I was young. Burnt out on it and layed off for about 30 years. I recently got a couple of joints from a friend and really enjoyed it so I had her pick me up a quarter and was a bit shocked when I had to fork over $50. I used to get an ounce for $10 and they would usually throw in a little extra. Thats the way it was in the sixties. Anyhow, I saw right away that if I was going to start up again I was going to have to grow my own as my income is pretty limited. I got a couple of dozen seeds out of the quarter but have not had much luck at all getting them started. I have done a lot of reading on the net and tried just about everything suggested so I assume the seeds are probably bad. I did get one to start using the moist paper towel method and it was off to a fine start but went out one day and the leaves had been eaten off. I didnt think about the squirrels which can get into my shed. I was heartbroken. Fortunately I didnt throw it out and after a couple of days I noticed some tiny growth at the top and it now has a couple of leaves going. The other day I was surprised to see another one pop up in a cup I had setting outside so now I have two going but that seems to be all Im going to get. I'll just have to hope at least one of them is female. I did move my plants to a safer location. I had this experience once before many years ago when a small garden I had planted had all the leaves eaten off in one night. I guess animals like the stuff as much as we do. Really nice forum you have here.
  2. Welcome to the City, bubba! This is where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about our beloved plant. We have a great grow section for new growers, and for the more advanced, where there are plenty of people lurking just waiting to answer any questions you might have. Good luck with your sprouts. And I look forward to seeing your posts about the forums. :gc_rocks:
    P.S. I wouldn't be too concerned about your age. We have fabulous members of ALL ages here. ;)

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