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  1. hey got me some new lights, check this pic out.. its like a HPS but its a Floro. pushes 500W only uses 65 though.. i paid 25 bucks for it at walmart...

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  2. check this out... i looked at my plant this afternoon and the leaves on top are starting to curl. like there burning or somthing..but they dont look burnt at all.. that Floro i got is not a hot light, the temp on that only gets to a cool 70dg and its about 9 inches away from the plant.. the plant is very healthy color is beautiful, and leaves are moist not dry.. let me know whats up..

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  3. Did you do anything different the last time you watered it? Maybe overwatered a bit? Have you used any ferts yet? If so what kind and how much?
  4. yea i warterd it yesterday, and i tried this Liquid Miracle Gro
    8-6-7.. it said to put 7 drops into a QT of water... so i did that, then mixed it up,, then poured a little bit into a cup n waterd the plant.. i thought it was the light.. what can i do? i dont think i hurt it.. or maybe i did??? let me know
  5. here is a Picture of the plant food i have... to the Left is what i used to mix in my water... to the Right is this plant food i got today called "DYNAMITE," 18-6-8 plus Minors.. i have not used it yet.. i figured i would ask 1 of you if its OK for now.. let me know thanks...

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  6. You might have shocked it a little, I would've used 3-4 drops for the first time and seen what happened. What's the NPK on that liquid fert? As for Dynamite I've never heard of it, how is it used? You're better off getting some Peter's or Shultz's ferts.
  7. well what does NPK mean? iT says 8-7-6... As for the DYNOMYTE, the way it says to use it is"to sprinkel the proper quantity of dynomite Plant Food on the surface of the soil around the plant...Then Water Thouroughly to start the Nutrient process." And its 18-6-8..

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  8. Not to change the subject but I think that light is perfect for that size of a room/box. I think a HID in that little box would leave you with a dead plant and a good oven.(unless you had some SERIOUS ventilation) That flouro shouldnt get to hot and you can keep it close to the plant.

    Good luck
  9. yea i got that light, plus 2 other Floro's that push 20w a peice, and 2 more floro light bulbs that push 60w a peice.. the box is not hot at all, the temp stays at 72dg with constant air circulation, i gotta wear sun glasses when i look inside the box!! haha no joke here is a peek of the box from the whats a HID lamp?

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  10. HID is either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium, or any other high intensity discharge lamp. Even though I agree its the best kind of light. (I just got a HPS)
    There are times when its not practical. They are expensive compared to flouros and they get HOT. I used flouros for 2 years, Not award winning bud, but my own relativly "free" good bud. I think if your application is a good example, small cardboard boxes are better suited to flouros (in my opinon) How are you ventilating?
  11. well i have a fan on the top of my shelf that is on High at all times.. and what that does is blow air into the box, and on the side of the box i have holes where the stale air vents out of.. pretty easy shit, i like to say "Ghetto" haha.. anyways its been 3 days since i have had these new Floro's in, and DAMN the plant is growing so fast.. how do i know when its time to do my 12/12?
  12. Well....Its like this..... basically you want to try to wait until it is at least 8" tall. However the best way to decide is to understand that once u change your light sched the plant will grow 2-3 times its size before she (i hope u have a she!) is ready to harvest. so its more of a matter of how big of a plant can you handle and how much light u put on it.There are things u can do in a limited space to help like topping or training.

    Good luck
    Sure hope that dude is a lady!
  13. hahaha thanks Nik, i really hope its a bitch also.. ill be so pissed if its not.. but think of this.. if its not, now i know so much more than i did, the next grow is gonna be cake thanks to u guys helping out... thanks again
  14. Nice looking plant man keep growin
  15. HIGH All, just about bought one of those up here in a Hydro store and they wanted $160 for it...glad I didn't but it, I'd be pissed O.F.F.F. specialy when you paid $25.

    Plant foods have 3 main ingredients. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). These 3 ingredients are usually listed on the front label of the plant food in the order of N-P-K.

    A 20-20-20 plant food has
    Nitrogen level of 20%
    Phosphorus level of 20%
    Potassium level of 20%.

    The fert that you have maybe a time released fert...does it say anything like that on the label.

    Like vatoloco said when feeding for the first time use 1/2 what the labels says then theres no way you will overfert your young ones.

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