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  1. In today's political climate it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that one or multiple states could toss out the idea of seceding from the union. We're not getting along as a cohesive nation anymore, so different regions could potentially try to call it quits.

    Do you think this is at all realistic? Who do you think would/could try to leave? What do you think the rest of the nation would do about it? Would they let them go peacefully or would it result in another civil war?

    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. I'm Canadian, and have been hearing about Quebec wanting to branch off and become their own country forever. Nothing has ever come of it. I'm sure it's no different down in the states. It just doesn't seem feasible. Maybe an out lying state like Alaska or Hawaii, but any state surrounded by other states, I just find that hard to wrap my head around. I have zero information about the current state of affairs in the US, and don't really care much to be honest. Interesting topic though, I'll stay following this thread forsure.
  3. I was thinking maybe California or Texas. I was born in California so I could probably get dual citizenship without much trouble...
  4. I think a line has to be crossed that has not yet been crossed for that to become possible or probable. Is it practical? I don't know.

    I think most people don't take politics seriously enough to consider the option. I don't know if discontent is state by state or internal in the states, either. I see more difficulties in this than solutions.
  5. Texas has the right to as a former republic of its own. California is too dependent to secede.
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  6. I wonder if California would change their open border ideas if they left the Union. They would be a country without borders or citizens. I think it's a good idea, it would be fun to watch.
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  7. It would be interesting to see what bordering states would do if they left. Try to join them perhaps?
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  8. I'd give California somewhere between 1 and 2 decades and they'd be Venezuela 2.1 and begging for help as bordering states would have the same illegal migrant issues. Californians would piss and moan for open borders and argue they're entitled to caravan across national borders to feed off the system. You know, the whole humanitarian thing.

    It's a liberal problem. It won't just go away. Once they devour California they'll be looking - demanding more.
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  9. It was tried once before and the federal government started a civil war.

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    So no it all has to go
  10. I am aware. But the political climate today is different than 1860. Also the reason for leaving is different...
  11. The reason for federal government to not let states succeed have grown however I think

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  12. Do you think Washington would let a state like texas succeed when they pay for much of the federal cost in tax revenue?
    If California and Texas succeeded the tax recipients would be cut in half federally. It would be world war 3

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  13. It would be a bad look for the rest of the world...
  14. War? Most likely would be called policing.
    But human nature hasn't changed. Politicians will stir the pot, tell us what we want and need, promise rainbows and rose gardens, and sheep will worship the big light in their living room.
    Lather, rinse, repeat. Same 'ol same 'ol since the days of Babylon.
  15. Then they would see how the cartels really do business. Bodies hanging from bridges and blood running down the gutters. I wouldn't give them ten years before it was a California civil war.
  16. My money's on SoCal...
  17. Oh hell no. We up north would just cut off their water. Plus we have hills and trees up here to hide behind lol.

    I'd take that bet especially considering I'd be betting on myself haha

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  18. Well considering the North would probably be trying to stay independent while the South tries to rejoin the Union, you might have a little more than you bargained for...
  19. Who will own and operate the shipping ports? Military installations? Who will own the water rights to drain the Colorado River? Those dams were built with federal dollars, but California feeds the world by pouring water out in the desert. California refuses to maintain their own dams, and most of the snow build up just runs off into the ocean as the unaffordable high speed rail takes priority.
    Naw..... I see all the makings of a shit hole country.
    It would make much more sense to split the state than to actually secede. And I'm not completely convinced that's the greatest idea either.

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