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Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I didn't know what to say.. the first half of the first quarter, GA was on fire. Anyone see that field goal LSU tried to kick, it got blocked, and went right into GA's hands, and the kicker just about had him, then whop! He got stiffarmed so damn bad.. haha, fucked that dude all up. Then GA started sucking.. bad... reaaaalll bad. GA did pretty good on the returns, and blocked a lot of tackles, but they just sucked. LSU pouned GA.. it was.. ouch. But LSU's kicker got taken out of the game.. haha. fucked three field goals up in a row! hahaha. omg, I swear his jearsy read "BITCH" after all that.. lol. But I am ashamed of the dogs.. defending champions got their ass whooped, no reason to deny it.
  2. I was expecting LSU to kick ass. Georgia had a good team this year, but didn't seem to have it together all the tie. LSU was just a fucking powerhouse this year (except when they faced the amazing eli manning) and knew they were going to win going into that game. Now, if UT can just get a good bowl game I'll be happy.
  3. Yeah I was really hoping LSU would win cause I know some people from there and have a good friend at Georgia Tech. Last night was an interesting night for football. How about OU, there is no team that deserves it more. Bob Stoopes is such a fucking asshole. Cant say much for aTm this year but maybe Fran can do something next year when they dont have an impossible schedule. I have theoried that Bob Stoopes is such as ass that he may have purposley lost because he will still be in the Sugar bowl but has bumbed University of Texas' chance for a BCS bowl. OU and UT are arch rivals. All in all OU losing made my day.
  4. ^
  5. not just football, SEC football. The best fucking college football.
  6. ahhhhhhemm, I think Big 12 takes the title of best conference.
  7. fuck big 12. sec all the way.
  8. no idiots..PAC 10...USC just got reemed in the BCS polls

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