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  1. Has anyone used seaweed as a soil mix? Were I am planting, there is light green, dark green, black, light purple, dark purple, stingy, bitty and bubbly seaweed and I it would be handy if they have useful nutrients to use. If feasible, I can blend them all in a blender and mix with my soil and I will rinse them first. I heard purple is linked with nitrogen so im not sure about the seaweed
  2. Yes its called Kelp Meal.
  3. If feasible, I can blend them all in a blender and mix with my soil and I will rinse them first.

    Compost it.

  4. Do you mean, wash, blend then mix in with compost? I'm getting all the different types which is quite a bit but all I can find on google is extracts which is different I think. Maybe I typed the wrong wording, not sure

  5. If it were me I would make an attempt to identify the seaweed you have available and research them for fertilizer possibities. Take into consideration one of the reasons we like to use seaweed is they accumulate nutrients, but they also accumulate toxins. So decide if the area you harvest from is polluted or not.

    If your unable to find good information on the seaweed, and still want to use them, try it on a test plot of something of luck......shredder
  6. Ok cool, I will have to try one of my first batch with it and see what happens
  7. It just sounds like quite a bit? perhaps, of seaweed to add to a soil. Seaweed is great, but for any kind of large amounts of it, I'd have to say just rinse it (well) and then throw it in your compost heap and let it break down.

    Yes - seaweed is chock full of organic goodness.

    The "Kelp Meal" (Ascophyllum nodosum) that we add to our soil mixes is loaded with a very wide variety of nutrition. I'm not sure about the other seaweeds you are referring to, thats why I suggested composting it. Composting works well for about anything organic.

  8. So definitely worth drying and mixing a bundle to 10 of my 40 plants then. I haven't started yet, 2 weeks to go and it is from an ocean washed up. Thanks for your help and +rep to you in the morning
  9. Good luck.
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