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  1. Hey, all. Long time lurker, first time poster! I'm looking to start refining my nutrient program and I'm hoping I can get some input from the veterans.

    Has anyone tried Nitrozyme on their plants? I've heard very good things from around the web (like this stuff is basically magic) as it apparently makes plants thrive in every stage of growth, and it especially helps maintain healthy hormone levels that create the conditions needed for any plant to really take off. Like you can spray this stuff as a foliar feed at ANY stage of growth and it will support the plant's currently ongoing processes and it will just go crazy.

    Apparently Sea Crop 16 is the same thing and made by the same company but with an agricultural EPA label, which means the contents and claimed effects are verified, and is about half the price. 

    I'm not seeing anything with a higher natural cytokinin concentration. I've read that people use Bonide Tomato spray for cytokinin but crunching the numbers (correct me if I'm wrong), at 400ppm Sea Crop is literally 500x more concentrated. Not only that, it's completely organic and contains a bunch of other naturally occurring micronutrients that support movement of the nutrients and hormones through the plant and overall plant health.

    This is the only place I'm seeing to buy the stuff so far: [SIZE=8pt][/SIZE]. I really want to get going with this product so if anyone has any experience with either Nitrozyme or Sea Crop 16, I'd love to hear about how or when you are using it.


  2. No experience with either product, but bubbling a 1/4 cup of kelp meal in a 5 gal bucket overnight will make you a foliar spray that is just as effective, if not better, for a fraction of the price.

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    Hmm, I see what you are saying but I don't think it's accurate to say that it's a fraction of the cost.  I see that the initial purchase price is more than a bucket of kelp meal but I mean doing the math, this stuff will save me a lot of money in the long run.  This stuff seems to be in such a high concentration that one jug will go a LONG way and as a seed soak and foliar spray it has many, many uses
  4. Tend to stay away from stuff that's "basically magic."
    I'd have to do a little lookin around but these products that are extracted or whatever use some pretty heavy stuff to where the secondary metabolites are sorta destroyed. That still will leaves ya with the huge array of micronutrients the kelp has. But secondary metabolites are a huge play in the organic garden.
    My language isn't quite scientific but you're going to want the product thats the least processed.
  5. 1 quart nitrozime. $50 - 94-188 quarts foliar or 23-47 gal watered in as per label.

    50 lb bag kelp meal - $60
    1/2 cup kelp meal per 5 gal water.
    Hundredsssss of gallons watered in. Possibly into the thousands mark.
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    I dug around and found out that they use a carbonate extraction which is a true method of hydrolysis.  Most other companies as you mentioned do a KOH (potassium hydroxide AKA Lye) extraction which is really harsh.
    I came up with:
    2.5 gal. of Sea Crop 16 = 9463.53ml
    Foliar feeding has an app rate of 5ml per liter of water.
    That equates to (9463.53ml / 5ml =) 1892.706 liters of solution.
    1892.706 liters = 500 gallons of diluted solution
    And that's for a foliar feed which is one of the strongest concentrations.  I would get 1250-2500 gallons using it exclusively as a watering solution or if I was to cycle it through a hydro system one jug would give me 5000 gallons of solution.
    Comparing large scale agricultural app rates: Sea Crop 16 uses 1 pint per acre ($8.25), and kelp meal has an app rate of 300 lbs. per acre ($360).
    It looks like the pure concentrate goes A LOT further than the dried kelp meal.
  7. Do you work for hydrodynamics international?
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    Haha, no, but I can see why one might think that.  I just enjoy figuring this kind of stuff out.  Doing that math was fun for some reason I can't fully explain.
    Oh and Hydrodynamics makes Nitrozime I think.  This is Nitrozyme.  Hell if I know what the actual difference is but I do know that Nitrozyme and Sea Crop 16 are EPA labeled and therefore the contents have been tested and proven by the US government.
  9. Freshness aside,

    Your application rates on kelp are a dry topdress quantity. Slow release. Few months worth really if your soil is already thriving.
    Nitrozime application rates are a liquid one time feeding.
    If you want a fair mathematical comparison then figure out what a half cup of volume weighs. That provides you with 5 gallons of prepared solution.
    It also leaves you with all this rehydrated kelp you can feed to a worm farm and make even more fresh amendments from.

    All that aside,

    I think you'll find most in this corner of the internet have a general disdain for most pre-bottled amendments though.
  10. i hate to keep pokin holes in shit but EPA and tested and proven by the US government sorta don't mean much.
    I wish someone more qualified could step in but at the end of the day..
    kelp meal added to your soil or bubbled and applied as a tea/foliar will give you what you need for a fraction of the "Highbrodynamics" deal.
    OK, thanks for bearing with me while I try to wrap my head around all of this!
    Man, I consider myself a scientist.  What good is an unsubstantiated belief that doesn't hold up to rigorous analysis and testing?  Poke away!
  13. **chuckle**
  14. Now what's so funny Coot? Set us straight.
    My bad because by putting my post under yours it could and maybe was interpreted as a response to your post and that is not the case.
    Any idea how many times I've been up and down the f*cking SeaCrop 16 ladder on weed boards with soil 'scientists' and 'Dr' Charles Murray's claims? It's like shooting fish in a barrel - not even a challenge.
    My apologies to you sir. No disrespect intended on my part...
  16. Nah man. Thought ya had some input that wasn't said before honestly.
    All genuine man. 
    But yeah between extracted sea-poo 99 and cal mag cures i could see where the train runs off tracks.
    It depends on the belief and who is doing the testing.
    Just my 2¢
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    First it would be helpful (to say the least) for the OP to identify which product that uses the Sea Crop name that he/she is talking about. The Sea Crop from NOAM? Or the Sea-Crop from Ambrosia Technology? See the hyphen? Huge difference since one is a copy of the Sea-Agri scam.
    And Nitrozyme? Another grow store scam pure and simple.
    Hey, Coot.  I'm looking at the EPA registered NOAM Seacrop16.  Is this stuff really just bunk?  It's a carbonate extracted sea kelp that for all intents and purposes, looks great.  Considering the level of concentration, the price is right too.
    I've heard people go on and on about how Nitrozyme is this incedible foliar spray and watering solution for their plants.  I've also noticed that there is a Nitrozime, and Nitrozyme.  From what I can tell, there are only a handful of zYme distributors and it has been used in a broad range of industries to seemingly great effect.
    Thanks for your input.

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