seattle hempfest

Discussion in 'General' started by Zlideways, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. So excited for tomorrow going all day with my buddies
  2. I went with my friends back in 2008 before I left WA. I had a blast, my buddy bought a really nice heady bubbler, and we all got high. Win, Win, Win
  3. I have missed one since i was 15 lol love hempfest
  4. god this website sucks now, 1 response LOL
  5. Now you have two. Are you happy now?

    Sorry, I can't really contribute anything to this thread because I live in fucking florida and we're completely "anti-anything fun" cause we're riddled with old people.

    Anyways, have fun dude and enjoy. I'm sure you'll have a blast; it's hempfest! :D:hello:

    Also, welcome to GC dude. :cool::wave:
  6. two yes im very happy now i have two responses.

    actually not really i madea thread in 2009 and got tons of responses and met a bunch of blades hella cool, now not so much just shows you how much of a downslide this website has been since the pay 2 be cool member bullshit
  7. Now you have 3

    If you like to meet new blades I'm a lot for conversation!
  8. Holy fuck why did I tell you welcome to GC? You joined in 2008 lol :laughing: I think I confused you and this thread for another one I saw previously

    Also, what do you mean pay to be cool member? I'm cool and I'm not a paid member.
  9. you can pay to become a member of a certain section which is very stupid.

    inb4 support a site you use a lot.

    you are all paying superjoint's rent by becoming a paid member. lol

    but really i met a bunch of cool blades i still chill with to this day IN REAL LIFE from posting a seattle hempfest thread 3 years ago
  10. Do you have to pay to get in? Hope to go to it tomorrow!:D
  11. nope its free. i suggest going early so you dont have to wait in line tho i will be there 10 am sharp untill the party dies down
  12. I posted this in one of the geographic sections of the board, but so it gets a better response (and I want responses because Im not sure what to do here goes): Im not sure if I'm gonna go this year. Were having a heatwave and there is almost no shade and I always get super hot when I smoke if its above 80 or so. Like sure I'll feel hot before in hot weather, but after I toke, I feel super super super hot when its hot out. Besides everyone else I know has problems with their plans (except for 1 person I know so I COULD go with that person I guess, but those problems with the others are kind of sending me a dont bother going message) and in reality, hempfest is nothing more than walking through a outdoor weed themed wall while super high. The main stage is a major exception to this (with speeches and sometimes good music) and there are a few other minor exceptions (like comedians and shit), but not any exceptions big enough to truly change my point. In a way I hate to not go, but also its a pain to drive there, find parking and go through the long lines and heat as well. Not sure what to do:confused:? Oh yeah, and Ive asked a lot and never even found GC members there either:(
  13. a long time ago i met a few blades

    but you are looking at it the wrong way... its a gathering of all the weed smokers in the area so we can unite and have fun without getting in trouble.

    i think its awesome and i will never miss a year unless im out of town!
  14. That's true, and thats what I have liked about it, but the novelty of it has kinda worn off for me. Still not sure what to do this year. I don't feel like i want to go yet, but I also know I don't want to wait two years either.
  15. [quote name='"greenbliss"']That's true, and thats what I have liked about it, but the novelty of it has kinda worn off for me. Still not sure what to do this year. I don't feel like i want to go yet, but I also know I don't want to wait two years either.[/quote]

    Today was cool hit as shit. Kinda made it miserable
  16. SO FREAKING JELLY! I was never a big enough stoner while I was living in Seattle. Hopefully moving back to WA in time for next years though! :D

  17. What do you mean?
  18. [quote name='"greenbliss"']

    What do you mean?[/quote]

    It was hempfest yestersay...

    It was cool like as in fun.

    But it was hot as shit, which made is miserable

  19. Oh ok, hot as shit, that makes more sense. I have two friends who really want me to go, but I usually have my fill after about 4-5 hours. Dont want to be there all day. So, if I do go where should I park? I was able to park in Pioneer square across the street from the entrance pretty easily one year, but Im guessing I got lucky. Its always hard for me to find I-5 from downtown as well. Any suggestions?
  20. honestly i suck at directions my buddy drove, he googled myertal park i think or w/e its called,

    we parked in my old neighborhood in seattle, about a 20 min walk, free tho

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