Seattle hempfest worlds largest political protest

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  1. Every year in august seattle green cross and volenteers hold a political protest towrds reforming marijuana laws...500,000 people smoking in every way known to man...its like being at woodstock in the 70's....ive never felt so many ppl you dont know all there for the same get as high as year they smoked the worlds largest joint weighing in at 2 pounds 5 ounces it burned for 4 hours...i saw a good 10 gram nug fall right off the end and noone bothered to pick it up there was so much...i ate 15 brownies all with at least 2 grams per brownie and a good 10 blunts and all i spent was 70$.....if your not there you have not experienced life my you can even go 10 miles out of seattle to renton WA and visit jimi hendrix's grave and his original house....its like a stoner dream come true.....cops everywere with the only intention of protecting the peace makes from real violence not drug offences
  2. Sounds absolutely amazing friend :) Mind hookin us up with some type of webpages dedicated to this 'festival/peaceful protest'? I would love to attend it. I'll be sure to book some greyhound tickets with a friend ahead of time!
  3. and its not the only one in the country! all over america there are citys hosting similer events you can find on google easily:smoke: .
  4. i would go but that is way to far away form jersey
  5. I'm pretty sure they have a hempfest in NJ or somewhere around there...

    Ahh I love hempfest, I've been for the past 2 years in a row and I'm going to volunteer there this year =))

  6. They have a hempfest in massachusetts. And with the bill passing, I think this year's hempfest will be livelier than ever.

    On topic, if I could find a good deal on plane tickets, I would definitely go to the Seattle hempfest. Not only for the event, but after I finish college I want to move out west and I want to feel the northwest vibe before I make the leap. Also, I need a break from my school work.
  7. I'm in the same boat as jtac.

    PA isn't too far from MA, if I book a plane ticket early enough with Southwest I might be able to spend a few hundred bucks for the whole trip.

    picture from the seattle hempfest site:
  8. It says on their site they have a Hempfest in Ohio, but they don't provide any links. I'm only like half an hour from Columbus. D:

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