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    Seaspiracy is a 2021 documentary film about the environmental impact of fishing
    directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker, on Netflix and others

    A serious shitstorm has occurred over this movie reguarding many of the claims made like:
    Empty oceans by 2048, Dolphin-safe tuna?, Plastic straws versus fishing nets, Etc etc

    My own issue, my lunch sardines have trippled in price in 2 years
    one pays serious money for fish these days, and yet the rape and dumping waste continues

    The scientific accuracy of several statements in the film has been questioned by several fisheries scientists and marine conservationists.
    The film has been 'fact checked' by BBC News and Newsweek. ...

    wake up fish eaters you time is Nigh!

    Stoner Value -High Seaspiracy - Wikipedia
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  2. Watched the documentary, it seemed somewhat inflammatory but was still so interesting how devastating fishing impacts the environment.

    and then witnessing “farmed” seafood. Blegh.

    glad I’m allergic to fish.
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  3. still it rolls on ...and more

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  4. Waits for "Plantspiracy" where we find out we really shouldn't eat anything.
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  5. Actually after a 20 year pause in fishing there's definitely way less fish in the sea. I come to this conclusion that im noticing im catching way to many young under size fish now where it used to be the other way around to a point.

    Way less birds too, oh and insects & Koala's :frown:...
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  6. Had to turn it off, made my heart hurt too much, and nothing usually phases me.

    And I don't even like fish they're creepy little fuckers:laughing:
  7. Humans are shit
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  8. Peeps are getting used to the words verbs adjectives used by sensation seeking merchants(Amazon-Wallmart)
    so it can be very difficult informing the average guy/girl whats actually happening behind their back
    Cans of Alaska farmed Salmon go for as little as .50c here in middle europe,
    but I've not seen any lice ridden fish yet ..maybe well cooked
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    I'm the movie projectionist and have to run thru to ensure quality etc,
    often I leave the room as some movies piss me off .....this one pissed me off
    only because we have seen fish retract already from our diets
    ...but I did/do watch them matter how bad
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  10. Last time in Oz we went fishing for Barry-Monday my Oz g/f told me the best place for a fish but was well gone

    unless local govts sort this out will be the birds next as insects are gonna be claimed by G5

    ( the price of honey over the next 5-10 years will prove that)
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  11. This little guy ain't creepy:rolleyes:, and at the end of it he gets released back into water. English Perch aka here as Redfin.

    Now Crabs are creepy, all those legs:eek:...
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  12. They're all creepy!! And birds... :poke:

    I'm allowed to not like birds though cos when I was a little baby my parents got budgies, turns out I'm allergic to their feather dust so almost died :laughing:
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    I Dont Think Any Animals are Creepy Not Even Dangerous Ones. I Love Them All an Respect Them Enough that I Don't Wanna See Some Violents Towards Any Including Cute Lil Fishies...Probably Not Going to Check this.

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  14. Noooooooo poor feathered friends, they were once dinosaur's and im sure you thought they were :cool: hey. My Magpie's are getting wilder, not like when they were fledglings and hung around the yards.

    Agree Dizzy and i do like crabs, not that I've have had them:D.
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  15. I've heard many bad things about the English Perch being a serious predater
    over the Euro Perch that is very nervous fish ...they say
    or is that Carp..?

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  16. Lol You Sillly but Yea Yea Same Here Lol. When I was a Young Girl I Had a Hermit Crab too it was Named Sebastion (From The Little Mermaid)

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  17. I like some birds, since I moved to the village we have much nicer birds. Growing up in town I had pigeons, seagulls or crows. Now the skylark that turns up in the summer is my fave, the noisy little bastard that he is :D

    Back to fish. I think they're creepy but I don't want them to die :cry: it was the part where they were cutting the sharks fins off then putting them back in the ocean that killed me. Sharks are the best of all the fishies. They're not creepy just scary and that's much better.
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  18. No the European Carp are much worse, but the English Perch aren't native either. I'd have the Perch over the stinky carp anyday, i prefer not to even catch a carp as they stink up all my gear and you can smell them for days.

    Especially if you've left the landing net in the car overnight!
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  19. you mean it hides the stank of weed .....lolool
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