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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by TokeAndChill, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. For some reason this post was moved to General:
    This is why no thread makes it in the Seasoned Tokers section except ones that were stickied early on. Because if you post anything out of the ordinary from that strict guideline for the thread(sarcasm) then it either gets moved or the whole community bashes you for it. This section is dying fast with so many major posters steering clear because they don't like the hate in that section. Feel free to pick me apart now with insults.
  2. That's a pretty general topic, not something only true "seasoned tokers" could contribute to. By putting it in general the thread will most likely have more responses and be active longer..

    I don't see nothing wrong with it being moved to General.

    So just chill and smoke on something.
  3. idk man i dont think its just that section its the whole forum in general........way too uptight with everything for a stoner forum. i got a deduction because i quoted someone
  4. Smoked a bowl of Master Kush. Not giving a fuck anymore.

  5. Speak for yourself.

  6. That's more like it, theres no need to sweat the little things in life bruh..
  7. it seems to be the seasond toker forums are just full of what are you smoking,where are you smoking and what are you smoking with threads and all the people posting on them are talking about how they're going to school. To me it just looks like a whole lot people who like to think about themselves as seasoned tokers when they're still only young. I like the aprentice forum cause it has alot more people posting about what happens while they're baked and people replying with advice, pretty much what the seasond toker section is meant to be about. wow now i'm hating lol :D

  8. QFT:bongin:
  9. Have you SEEN this thread?

    Have you seen the poll? 85% of the users polled (and it's almost 200 users) want us to continue to hardcore moderate the Seasoned forums.

    You're certainly entitled to your opinion OP, but if you have an issue with the way that we moderate the board, please bring it up in the proper manner.

  10. .....
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    Thanks for your comments.

    This isn't exactly true. I just checked your "deduction" as you call it :rolleyes: and it doesn't match what you said in your post here. You quoted someone, you're correct...but you added to that...and you know it.

    There's the problem right there. People can't grasp the purpose of the Seasoned Tokers all. It's not supposed to be the same as the Apprentice Tokers forum. It only makes sense. Apprentice Tokers and Seasoned Tokers are two different forums meant for two different groups of stoners.
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