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Seasoned Tokers, complete this thought...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pearl75, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. #1 pearl75, Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    First things first though. I have rules for this thread. I want an honest response, but try to do it nicely. Joking is great. I love a good laugh. However, be mindful of your sarcasm in this thread. I don't want any feelings hurt. No name calling, or pointing fingers. Also, no smug, self righteous retorts. Those types of responses only lead to trouble. We're all adults here. Let's all try our best to keep it light and civil. :D :smoke:

    "When I think of the Seasoned Tokers forum I feel that..."

    It seems that lots of controversy surrounds this board lately. Who should be allowed to post here, and why? When I think of the Seasoned Tokers section I feel like the true purpose of the section is either misunderstood, and could use some explaining for newer members, or that its purpose is being ignored.

    I would like to read more posts in this section about the seasoned tokers, themselves. I believe that the apprentice tokers need to read these things. I think it's important in order for them to understand what being a seasoned toker is really about. So what makes one a seasoned toker?

    When I think about that question, it makes me pause for a moment, and reflect on the past that led me to love cannabis in the first place. Although I have only been a daily toker for about a year, Mary Jane and I go way back. I have been around tokers, growers, users and dealers for over 19 years. I have more entertaining pot related stories than I can count. Years have gone by in my life when I didn't smoke at all for one reason or another, be it a job, or chasing two hyper kids. Nevertheless, whether I was smoking or not, cannabis was always in my life one way or another. It has been apart of my existence since I was 13 years old.

    As far as the seasoned tokers go, I know their secrets, I know their protocols and their motives for why they do things the way they do. I'm great at keeping secrets too, which is why I think I've always been accepted by true stoners. I would never be so bold as to claim that I know everything there is to know about the subject of cannabis. No one has the right to make such a claim, as the process of learning all there is to know about that magical plant can take a life time of commitment to the study of the subject.

    There are sections reserved on this site for all types of learning. We have a medical section, a news from around the world section, and a great many boards on the subject of growing. The Seasoned Toker's section should be reserved for learning a more personal aspect of the subject of using cannabis.

    Of course, these are just my opinions. I'd love to read yours. :smoke:

    Mods, please give this thread a chance. At the first hint of trouble, please delete it, but give it a chance first. Hopefully people will mind their manners. =)
  2. when i think of the seasoned tokers forum i think of almost like my home in grasscity, when ever i come on the forums i always check seasoned tokers first, i spend most of the time on grasscity here in the seasoned tokers forum. i also think their should be more (good) posts in here. there isnt really a main subject in section, which lets alot of odd topics in here. anyway, i love this section, lets keep it alive and thriving!
  3. #3 Murs, Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2010
    When I think of seasoned tokers I think of a board which is completely misunderstood as the holy grail of all weed knowledge where only master weed smokers who have proved themselves through a series of weed related accomplishments can come and talk to each other rather than just a board which isn't supposed to have noob questions flooding the front page.

    also TLDR
  4. I believe that a "Seasoned Toker" is someone who has used marijuana for more than just a way to "get high." Sure, I like most people enjoy the mind altering effects that marijuana provides. But I think that an actual seasoned toker is someone who respects the herb and everyone who uses it, with purpose. There are going to be so many different answers to this topic, but it sure is a good one! :hello:
  5. Honestly, unless your a "noob" you probably have the same right to your opinion about a lot of the content of the seasoned toker forum as anyone else. I figure once you begin to actually "understand" the high your seasoned enough.
  6. I feel that a seasoned toker is a mature person that respects the herb and the culture that surrounds it. I think you have to take it upon yourself to become knowledgable about mj and be willing to show it to other people in order to be able to call yourself a seasoned toker.
  7. When I think of the Seasoned Tokers forum I feel that...I dgaf.


  8. when I think of "seasoned Tokers" I think of a place where I don't have to read threads like >>> OMG I just smoked a joint am I overdosing? I think my $5 a gram weed may have been laced with $1000 a gram coke and I seen god <<<<
  9. when i think of seasoned tokers i think of the forum with some of the best threads on grasscity, a forum filled with knowledgable posters, however also a forum filled with elitism and sonbbery, especially recently.
  10. I just wish people would learn to STOP asking questions in this forum. If you have a question, it goes in Apprentice. PERIOD.
  11. That is a good point. It's also to the point, which is kinda what I've been looking for. Perhaps, it should be explained that way somehow in the board description.

    I also agree with another poster above who mentioned the " gram was laced and I think I'm having a heart attack!" threads. Those threads are a dime a dozen around here. Perhaps someone could write a nice, descriptive post about the different types of feelings one might have if they are fairly new to smoking. Then we could make that post a sticky, and whenever a new member has a question like that, they can be directed to the sticky, and their thread closed or deleted. That could free up a lot of space on the apprentice board, this board maybe, and the general board, too, sees its share of those goofy threads as well.

    I'm just trying to throw some ideas out there. Anything that will help the City is all I'm saying.
  12. people just like to consider themselves seasoned. nobody wants to be referred to as an apprentice. personally i see seasoned tokers as people "in the know how". you dont need to point anything out to them while smoking, they know not to ask for certain things because its not appropiate. this combined with a major familiarity with the plant.
  13. theres two kinds of questions though. questions where somebody wants help, and questions that start discussions. recently, i had a thread moved to apprentice because it was a question when it was the latter. i just think you guys moderate way too closely.
  14. ive been here the whole of two days and im comfy....
  15. I noticed your recent join date, and that your post count is low because you haven't been here very long. First, if I haven't said it to you yet, welcome to the City. :D

    That leads me to my next question. And I guess this would be a question only a mod could answer truthfully. When deciding to move or delete someone's post from Seasoned Tokers, does their join date or post count have anything to do with your decision? I'm not making a judgment as to whether that's bad or good. A rule is a rule, man. I am simply curious to know if maybe those two details in conjunction with each other might give a mod pause to consider moving or deleting a thread.

    If no one answers this question, I fully understand. ;)

  16. well maybe this should be explained better on GC.
    I've been posting for a year and a couple months and im just now figuring this out.
  17. no. there probably people that just joined this site that have been blazing for 20 years, whereas im sure theres people that have been on here for like a year that have been blazing for...a year. but really what is seasoned anyways? i mean i probably blaze more than most of the "seasoned" tokers on here, but admittidly dont know as much about growing/pieces/etc. its a a relative term, and really its the internet, who even cares.
  18. You brought up some good points in your post, but I have an opinion about that last part. Yes, it is only the internet. No, I don't think the internet should be taken too seriously. However, I feel that the difference between this forum, and other chat board forums like GC, is how well it is managed. Of course, choosing a chat board forum to frequent is a matter a taste. Nevertheless, would you want to be a frequent contributor on a forum with lax rules, and mods who allow utter chaos? Could you be a frequent contributor at a forum like that, and actually be noticed/heard?

    That is why there has to be rules for everyone to follow. Otherwise, the result is a mess like what I described above. Which brings me to another point. I happen to truly like the fact that there isn't that much grammar school drama here. I hate that crap! Seriously, who doesn't? I'll tell you who. The ones who like all the drama are usually the ones who start it. They're the ones who make messes out of those other chat board sites that many of us will agree suck.

    I have clicked on posts, read a sentence or two, then rolled my eyes, and clicked my way outta there. All the while thinking to myself, "I hope that post is gone before I check back on this board." Guess what! They usually are gone by the time I check back. I do see mods deleting those drama creating posts a lot. I don't know about you, but for that I'm thankful.

    Once again, this is all just my opinion. Please feel free to tell me why you disagree, if you do, in fact, disagree. :D
  19. Everyones definition of a season toker is going to be different, that is one of the problems about deciding who belongs where.

    I believe a season toker doesnt mean the time you smoked, but your experience from smoking. To me a season toker is someone who gets enlighten from their bud, and not see it as a competition who can get the must dankest bud. Its some who appropriate the art of bud and how this single plant has changed the face of the world. They dont smoke just to get high, they do it to feel the sweat,blood and tears of past generations to make what bud is today. When you smoke, its like your demolish the 4th dimension of space, you feel what others have felt thousands of years ago, as if its a time machine. When you smoke with other people it doesnt matter if your a different race, come from a different social class or a different "click". For that moment in time your all the same and all equal. Doesnt matter if you smoke out of a roor or a pop can, or if you smoke swag or dankest shit on the planet. this is IMO, im sure others think a season toker is something completely different
  20. Very well put. :smoke:
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