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Discussion in 'General' started by GoldensaladAG, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Okay so I have a drug test tomorrow at 2 pm for my probation. If I fail I have to go back to the judge. I haven't smoked in 41 days (december 4 was the last time i smoked and it was at like 1 am). Before that I hadn't smoked in 28 or 29 days.Before that I smoked every day. I have been drinking tons of water and cranberry juice, to the point where I've been peeing clear for 8 days. I am a little chubby.

    I guess what I'm getting at is will I pass this drug test?
  2. Yeah dude, without a doubt. Ease your mind :smoke:

    Oh wait

    It's only been 40 days

    You're fucked
  3. that's not I really?
  4. Haha sorry, you're fine. You were most likely fine a fortnight ago. Don't worry :)
  5. I just want to say you are being WAYYYYYY to paranoid. Of course you will pass, even heavy everyday smokers can pass in as little as two weeks. Easy with the water, the thc in your system was probably gone after 4 days. Especially if it was only one time.
    A guy I know once smoked a bowl of hash and passed 7 days later.
  6. haha that's always been a problem for me, i'm always paranoid and over think things to the point of anxiety attacks. hence why i always smoked weed to mellow me out.
  7. You may or may not fail.:cool:
  8. but should i be worried cause i have a gut and thc stores in fat cells apparently

  9. thats not really helpful and im looking for legitimate feedback
  10. I'm just saying that I really have no clue.:cool:
  11. If I was in your position i would feel confident I'd pass the drug test. 41 days is a long time. Add in some regular exercise and lots of fluids, there should be no issue.
  12. 99.7938458 chance you pass I'd say

  13. Sounds about right :cool:

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