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  1. Wasn't sure where i could post this but I thought I'd try here
    Does anyone know of a program that could calculate the most isolated point (in terms of distance from officially maintained roads) in given area?

  2. <sup>rofl!</sup>
    <sup> :hello: </sup>
  3. Yeah... you'd probably have to go about writing that one yourself buddy
    The serial killers handbook may help you out
  4. ^ its pretty lame you guys associate isolation with serial killers. I'm looking for an isolated spot to go backpacking (ie: camping)
    But what ever I shouldn't have expected a bunch of computer jockies to think of doing something outdoors LULZ~!
    I don't see how this is funny
    Google Earth
  6. ^I have used google earth and it is a great tool. I'm just more interested in the statistically most isolated spot.
    I'm imagining a program that sweeps progressively larger radius's from every point along a road until there are no spots (except one) being covered in those radius's
  7. You might as well call the app Great Places to Dump Bodies lol Just kidding Sent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!

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