sealed room for c02 doesn't wanna seal

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by the drizzle, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. The air conditioning in my sealed flower room makes it near impossible to close the door. it swings open so fast if I don't put something heavy behind it. Any suggestions? Is it okay that the door swings open like crazy. Like right now there is no door knob on the door (no c02 yet) and the air flows so hard out the door knob.
  2. Get a door knob....Diffuse the air so it is not blowing directly on the door....

    In a lot of cases one will need a fan exhausting stale air outside the GR creating a negative pressure inside the GR. Basically this will create a sucking motion and may help keep the door closed.....The negative pressure will also help control odor outside the GR.

    If your going to be injecting co2 you will need to control your intake and exhaust fans, with timers so the room runs with a higher temp and dose not exhaust the majority of the co2 to the outside and defeating the purpose of co2......
  3. but i don't wanna give it c02 treatment here and there. I want it to be at 1200 ppm's at all times....or does it not help when they're sleeping? well either way. if i have the c02 running all daytime should i just not exhaust from the room all day....and just deal with the air gusting out the door every time I open it? diffusing it?? like putting something in front of the door? I don't think it will help either way...when I open the door air will draft out big time if I'm not exhausting
  4. No night co2, they produce their own at night. Any exhaust coming out of the room is a waste of co2/air conditioning.

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