Seal team 6 takes a blow

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  1. And weed.
  2. The answer of life... Especially nice soft cookies, not those crunchy hard ones
  3. So thaaats what this is all about. :rolleyes:
  4. I think that's called

    "I was too lazy to go to college or find another job"

    Can't blame em though with our economy....and honestly we aren't fighting anybody over there.

    I saw a bumper sticker that says, "Be nice to America, or else we'll bring Democracy to your country"

    smh....this war is pointless

    If Osama actually engineered the terrorists attacks on 9/11, don't you think he would have attacked us again since we didn't "find" him till a few months ago...? Come on people we aren't fighting an enemy in this war it's just about oil
  5. Every time there are news about any military deaths, they always add something similar.

    *Those were also the same men responsible for the blah blah in Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine.*

    Even when the tragedy in Norway occurred, first thing on fox news.

    *The death of $#@@$@$@$@$#@,
    would like to add that norway also has troops in Afghanistan*

    They are looking for ANYTHING to hold against those countries.

    A fucking banana could figure out the conspiracy.

  6. Well yeh dude can you imagine if the people found out that there just trying to make us scared of "terrorist's" then we wouldn't allow them to go take there oil and kill all of those innocent children.
  7. they dont call afghanistan the graveyard of empires for nothing, look where we are now.

    didnt china just bitch slap us for poor credit? yea....
  8. Do you guys really believe that the terrorists dont want to harm us at all and we're just the big bad corporation rolling through raping the land and stealing the oil? And to whoever said our soldiers are just people who were too lazy to go to college. Grow up. Some people actually have some patriotism. "Love your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it"
  9. Man i'm an arab and trust me, i haven't met anyone that hates america, they all say the exact same thing. *fuck the american government* and that is a justified hate.

    and regarding the soldiers man, they didn't fight for their freedom they fought for their control.

    this video is very irrelevant.

  10. No......NO :laughing: terrorists really aren't as bad as you think your just falling for the bull shit propaganda, and soldiers don't go to afganistan so others cn life like 400 soldiers maybe have died all together 400 how many innocent children fathers mothers have died hmm possibly in the millions if you put Iraq and afganistan together so i mean they cant be that dangerous can they :rolleyes: And yes the wars are about oil and if any "terrorists" want to harm us it's because we went to THERE country blew up there people killed there children and are about to take there oil so yeh would that piss you off at all ????

    What would America do if another country came over there and tryed to make them change there ways :rolleyes:
  11. Really dude? So I was lazy when I joined, and already had 1/2 of my degree done, and decided to serve for 4 years?

    Then came out with an honorable discharge, finished my degree while working two part time jobs to pay for my apartment. I literally had no free time for an entire year, and I was tired every single day. Some days I wanted to just give up because I was so tired.

    But I guess, it all payed off in the end. Considering my major was organic chemistry and I make more money than 98 - 99% of the rest of the united states.

    Ignorant post.

  12. Yep man, someone really need's to give BA some Neg Rep :devious:, I don't agree with the war but you don't go there because your lazy :rolleyes: if he knew one bit about the training he would know, you DO NOT go there if your lazy :laughing:
  13. True but with all my respect nukes most go their because they had childhood problems which causes them to be control and power seeking maniacs.

    Not all of course.

    And by the way within the next few years you will find a massive increase in the american military of duty? there i said it.
  14. Skunky could you pm me or post some sources supporting what your saying? Im not saying youre wrong I just want to research more on both sides before I discuss it more. I dont want to be spouting ignorance and if I am wrong I'll own up.
  15. Although, I am not going to back this totally opinionated response with any form of sourcing, here we go...

    Why go for war in Iraq and Libya at the very least? We shall leave out Afghanistan for the time being...

    The answers that we got at the time of the conflict in Iraq beginning were Saddam and his WMDs, which he was poised to use at any second. This is what led the USA, UK and other coalition partners to totally disregard a UN declaration of unlawfulness, many Attorney General's advice, plus the general consensus that led to protests on the streets of our cities, and go and attack a sovreign nation, in order to protect its people from their own 'tyrannical' dictator. I mean, we have North Korea, India, Pakistan, and probably many equally as dangerously unstable nations with equally unstable WMDs in their posession, yet are we planning to do anything about them? Look to Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe, is he permanantly on the news regarding his virtual ethnic cleansing of the white Zimbabweans?

    Yet, why is it that when Muammar Ghaddafi decides to put down a rebellion in his country, as have many Arabic states of recent months, do we suddenly jump to the rebels aid?

    There aren't many things in this world that can provoke that sort of response; the prospect of oil and lots of it...

    I would hazard a guess the only reason we haven't tried to introduce 'democracy' into Iran, is because it would be too damned obvious.

    And, yes, i'll start this as I began it, by reminding everyone that this is my opinion. Take it or leave it.
  16. It's crazy that a handful of people died and all you guys can do is resort to having the same fucking conversation that you have in almost every other fucking thread. Some of you need to grow the fuck up and stop repeating your argument in every single thread you find halfway related >.>'.

    It really doesn't matter what you think, because those people still died. Just show some fucking respect a little bit and stop turning a thread about it into a goddamn argument...
  17. I was actually really sad when I heard about that chopper crash. I usually didn't get sad with reports like that, even back when there used to be daily news stories of six deaths here and ten deaths in Iraq back in the day.
  18. If you hate this country so much then why don't you leave? Move to Afghanistan, I'll gladly pay for your one way ticket. After all the Taliban aren't so bad, right?

    Within a week you'd be captured and they'd make you the star of their latest beheading video.
  19. Casualties in Afghanistan:
    Afghan troops killed [1]\t8,587\t\t
    Afghan troops seriously injured [2]\t\t25,761\t
    Afghan civilians killed [3]\t8,813\t\t
    Afghan civilians seriously injured [4]\t\t15,863\t
    U.S. troops killed [5]\t1,140\t\t
    U.S. troops seriously injured [6]\t\t3,420\t
    Other coalition troops killed [7]\t772\t\t
    Other coalition troops seriously injured [8]\t\t2,316\t
    Contractors killed [9]\t298\t\t
    Contractors seriously injured [10]\t\t2,428\t
    Journalists killed [11]\t 19\t\t
    Journalists seriously injured [12]\t\t unknown\t
    Total killed in Afghanistan\t19,629\t\t
    Total injured in Afghanistan\t\t48,644\t

    # Casualties in Iraq:
    Iraqi troops killed [13]\t30,000\t\t
    Iraqi troops seriously injured [14]\t\t90,000\t
    Iraqi civilians killed [15]\t864,531\t\t
    Iraqi civilians seriously injured [16]\t\t1,556,156\t
    U.S. troops killed [17]\t4,414\t\t
    U.S. troops seriously injured [18]\t\t 31,882\t
    Other coalition troops killed [19]\t 318\t\t
    Other coalition troops seriously injured [20]\t\t 2,296\t
    Contractors killed [21]\t 933\t\t
    Contractors seriously injured [22]\t\t 10,569\t
    Journalists killed [23]\t 142\t\t
    Journalists seriously injured [24]\t\t unknown\t
    Total killed in Iraq\t900,338\t\t
    Total injured in Iraq\t\t1,690,903\t

    Civilians killed in allied raid in Iraq, complicating talks on U.S. pullout

    New York Times
    In Print: Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Civilians killed in allied raid in Iraq, complicating talks on U.S. pullout - St. Petersburg Times


    Number of women and children killed in Iraq air raids 'disproportionately high'

    Number of women and children killed in Iraq air raids 'disproportionately high' - Telegraph



    Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President


    Leaked Cabinet Office paper: Conditions for military action
  20. I also tend to think it is a shame just how many miners die pulling rocks out of mountainsides, or how horrible it is that we send people out to excavate things at sea, or the firemen who get killed fighting fires.

    All these people know the risks they take for their pay, they accept these risks, it is a shame but it happens...

    Why is it not applicable to talk of the validity of the war the soldiers were sent to participate in? Just how is it disrespectful, to question the decisions our leaders have made? If it carries on, many more civilians and military personnel will end up dying, and no-one wants that

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