Seal team 6 takes a blow

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  1. Chopper crash kills members of SEAL Team 6 |

    its a shame, hits home when our men and woman sacrifice everything so we can live another day.
    anyone else feel the gut retching feeling when reading this?

    war is war though, no way around it. I'm sure every single one was aware of the risk. they where on their way to support a ground team who was about to raid a compound.

    thanks for everything guys. Rest easy
  2. and we are still there WHY

    good job obummer

    can't blame bush for your inaction on this one

  3. yeah man i feel you, hahah washington D.C needs support not some bumble fuck town in Afghanistan
  4. Maybe there angry because we killed there children in all the bombing maybe there pissed because we clear houses with grenades and kill there woman maybe there in a rage because we come over there blow shit up kill millions :eek:

    Do you think this could be it :eek: MAYBE......CONSPIRACY :eek:

  5. riiiiiiiiiiight
  6. a lot do bro.

    A solder must do what he or she is told.
    They volunteered to go over seas, never forced. To me thats sacrifice.
  7. i think what he was saying was something along the lines of iraq nor afghanistan posed any type of threat to us. i mean i certainly feel no more safe, or less safe than i did a few years ago. if we pulled out today i am pretty confident i would be at no more risk than i am now.

    ^^ and to the guy (who of course supports ron paul :rolleyes:) i have never once heard obama blame a single thing on bush. media does not represent our president, and frankly the majority of our issues can indeed be blamed on the bush administration.
  8. I feel a lot sorrier for those countless innocents who are killed as a consequence of our thirst for oil and pseudo-colonialism...

    Just saying.

  9. Yeh me too, do you guys know how many little girls and boys were blown to pieces ?? do you know how many innocent people sufffered over generilizations and OIL :mad: Not for the safty of people OIL

  10. Exactly what I was saying. Thanks.
  11. Nearly two and a half times the number of civilians that died in the London blitz (about 40,000)

    Nearly thirty times the number that died in 9/11 and 7/7 (about 3,500)

    That's just Iraq since 2003...

    Puts things in perspective, doesn't it? (It did for me anyhow...)

  12. Yep what we will do for black sludge so we can kill the earth and everyone else :(
  13. So we can live another day ?
    No offence, to anyone fighting over there, or to anyone who had laid down their lives. But this is another unjust war, they are tools for the government.
    Can you imagine, if all the soldiers refused to fight this unjust war ?
  14. Of course, the war is so so that the filthy coward politician's can drive the SUV to the hill tomorrow.

    Hell it's not even a war a war is 2 army's fighting this is just a massacre
  15. Another one of these ? Maybe if some of us did something other then stare at the spilled milk and talk. We would have milk to dunk our cookies in
  16. They'd get a court martial, and a dishonourable discharge...

    No, armed forces personnel do not make the decisions, its on each and every one of our heads. The politicians go by public opinion, and public opinion was pretty damned inflamed after 9/11. They also know we need oil for virtually everything...

    If anyone should be tried in the court of public opinion, I think we need to look closer to ourselves before we start barracking politicians :(

  17. True, i think the people need to grow a back bone. When ever the big wigs make a decision, we don't fight it. People should not fear their governments, governments should fear the people :smoke:
  18. I hate the World right now...

  19. Don't hate the world, hate some of the people in it.
    And fuck them, kick back, spark up.
    One Love :hello:
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    It's the lack of milk and cookies ):

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