Sea weed in compost?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Firstclass, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Hey so I am wondering if I can put seaweed in my compost pile? I was at the beach today and there is a ton of it washed up on the shore line. If its suitable for a compost pile do I need to pre soak it in fresh water to try and dilute / rinse the salt? Can I add to my compost pile as is without rinsing the salt? Let me know what you guys think!
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  2. Where is surf_biter when you need him?! Lol!

    Hopefully someone with some hands on experience with this will chime in. I'm gonna guess a decent rinse and into the compost pile would be just fine.

    Om shanti,

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  3. I dont see a reason why not. You can also set it out on a tarp in the sun to let it dry and then you have kelp meal.
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  4. sounds like it's time to make two piles - one for the compost pile and one to dry out for homemade kelp meal :)

    hmmm, I'm about 2 hours from the ocean. I hate the beach but wife loves it. i'm always finding ways to avoid going since it's 2 hours of traffic and aggravation of driving to go someplace I don't like anyway, but now I have a reason to want to go - scrounge up washed up seaweed while i'm there! LOL
    oh wait... still cheaper and easier to just go buy kelp meal at the store and not have the dreaded trip to the beach! LOL
    but i guess if i get dragged there at least I'll have something to do - look for washed up seaweed :)

    In the OP's case, he is already right there so I'd scoop up as much as i could load up and take home
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  5. don't get me wrong, I like the beach, I like to be by the water, but fuck man my wife wants to go EVERY WEEKEND haha and wants to stay ALL DAY, 2 hours is good for me, after that I start getting pissed off by all the sand and salt on my feet and legs.... absolutely hate that feeling! Anyways it seems like a great spot for a gardener to make good use of organics.... seaweed, seashells, dead crabs or other crustaceans! If I can go source the amendments myself it makes it all the more fun for me being a gardener!
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