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    Ride the wave.

    am i alone??:eek:

    Just ate 7grms of shrooms...anyone ever experience what im talkin about?
  2. Yeah mane. I ate a quad of boomers once. You just have to go with the trip, ignore people that annoy you and tell off people that off pissing you off. You're on a lot of psychedelics, that comes first than other pussy drama
  3. crazy night last night, eh?
  4. hahaha i hear that man. On large doses of mushies I just like to chill out and listen to music, maybe walk around and look at nature-ish thangs. Making normal conversation on a q of shrooms is one of the most difficult things that I have experienced
  5. Out of all the cid and shrooms ive done last night was the most intense...Definitely lost all connection to reallity.. The insanity convinced me i was dying, and after the first half hour my mind and soul both accepted it. I knew i wasnt gonna die but my conncept of reality was gone.

    At this point i had decided to smoke the blunt i rolled to calm my insanity...Which afterwards is when i was in a trance were i did the same things in order unknowingly at first, and then i became aware i was doing this.
    1. Started by laying in bed
    2. got up in the middle of the room
    3. my head would shake quickly*
    4. then i would make a clicking noise*
    5. spit into a cup*
    6. leave go stand in the bathroom
    7. almost induce vommiting and then decide against it
    8. Chugged a glass of water
    9. my lips would quiver*
    10. go back in my room and sit at the computer and click my mouse
    11. Repeat

    If it has a * next to it means it happened more than once in each set of the ritual.

    I fully believed i was stuck in this ritual trance and wouldnt be comeing out.

    ... and this process would repeat for 3 hours. Felt like i was stuck in this trance and sleeping would be the end of it for me (again no connections with reality). In my head i could hear the sea turtle...i was one with the turtle, he kept telling me "Ride the wave" and " we are just people".

    And thats just what i was doing physically and mentally.

    Visually i had strong tunnel vision at first, but then my vision became clearer and i was seaing all sorts of colored shapes dancing around the room, everything was trailing. When i had lost connection to reallity i could hear the ancient tribal drums and water in my head, As well as the turtle that kept me calm throughout my insanity.

    If i had to explain it in a couple phrases i would have to say:
    Best and worst night of my life.
    Felt as if i was a turtle in a wave and was gonna die, and i accepted it.
    Any sort of ego i had was destroyed.
    No way i could have talked to anyone during such a trip and make any sense.

    Shrooms at this dose or higher is no freaking joke.. ive done 8ths on multiple occasions and felt nothing and 5 grams had me level 4 trippin...and 3 white blotters had me at about lvl 3.. but last night was definitely insane.

    Life is about riding the wave and enjoying it because onces its over the chance of you seeing the ones you love and care about again are slim. The love i feel for my fams and friends is a thousand times stronger, because when i accepted my death they were who i was worried about and not myself.
  6. If you don't surrender to the flow you are going to get fucked in the ass.
  7. Great way to put it..At first i fought the flow and it was the worst part...Then i just rode the wave and it was the best Time of my life.
  8. Sounds pretty crazy man. I've never gone above an 1/8 but when I'm more experienced I might attempt a quad.

    I know what you're talking about with the "ancient drums". I always seems to see and hear "ancient" things when I'm tripping. Though it's usually ancient writing EVERYWHERE and it's usually green.

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