Sea Of Green... With A Twist?

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  1. Hello all, first post on GC forum, and first grow! 
    I'm currently doing a few different things as far as growing goes(one bagseed outside 2 weeks old, one mango seed by KC Brains germinating, and one Feminized Blue Dream seed just planted), but I just got ahold of 15 seeds of a potent kickass local strain called "R2" and i was thinking of doing a straight up windowsill grow, but a little different.. 
    I was thinking about using the SOG method for a windowsill grow so that the plants don't get very tall but still flower and produce bud. I just want a little for personal use and just to do as a fun project, do any of you guys think it will work?
    if so then i will gladly post pics and keep you updated during the grow!
    Thanks for any help :D

  2. I thought scrog was to induce flowering when the plant reaches the screen, am I wrong?
  3. scrog is just a training method it won't induce flowering.  You are the one in charge of that :smoke:
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    naw, sea of green is a way to train ur plant for more bud sites. About having it on the window seal, 1. will the plant get all the light it could outside if it were outside? 2. can u keep it light tight during the night hours, flipping on the light will be devastating! If u can get enough light and not interrupt the night hours ull be solid!
  5. BTW good call on the blue dream I have two going now.  Check them in my sig
  6. you would get more meds just doing a SOG under a 20$ shop light
  7. Thanks guys, i must of misinterpreted what sog/scrog was used for, my bad.
    I'm not sure i understand you're first question  :huh: lol but yeah i could keep it pretty light tight during the night hours forsure.. 
    And what im hoping is possible is to grow them on the window sill but i dont want them getting too tall, that's why i thought of scrog/sog, but i realize now that it doesn't matter since it's just for training and if im using sunlight it probly wont flower till it gets big anyway.
    Thanks :D I looked around and it seems to be a great, potent, beautiful, high yielding strain!
    problem is, i don't really have the resources to grow indoors right now, and i can't start that now anyway because im leaving for a month to visit family on Vancouver Island... so wouldn't be able to look after it, good possibility for winter though!
  8. Does anyone know how to grow like a windowsill bonsai plant? like using the sunlight but maintaining a very small plant size?
    experience would be great!
  9. Your root size is a direct link to yield size. You can supercrop in a 1/2 gallon container. But you will have to wait a whole natural light cycle for 1/4-1/2 oz......I wouldnt wait for 9 months for one sack of meds.
  10. Yup greenthumbs summarized it pretty good. You need to keep the roots of your plant controlled, but you will have to spend the same time you would as if you were growing a monster 2meter tall plant, to produce less thant half of what it would produce. The only ways you can use sunlight and achieve smaller plants-yields are by using autoflowering plants, or by finding a way to block and unblock the light of the sun to your plant i guess.
  11. makes sense, i was wondering though, since plants start flowering in the fall here(nova scotia), if i started growing on my windowsill around october, would the plants start flowering right from seed as if i had lights with a 12/12 cycle on? if they would, then i would most likely have small plants producing small amounts of bud, right?
  12. if you want to grow in a windowsill you will have to get an auto flowering plant otherwise your going to have ass pain when it comes to flowering it. SOG style won't work well on a windowsill as it's a method that involves light being directed from above. plus SOG with seeds will have all kinds of balls ache. it's best suited to clones
  13. they take 3-5 weeks before they are mature enough to flower even if the light is 12 hours or less
  14. auto flowering plants are your answer mate for sure
  15. if i could afford it, i would buy a bunch of lowryders but i don't have the money right now but i have those 15 r2 seeds, thats why i was thinking about this, i will try it starting at the first of august or so and will trim the roots to keep them small
  16. Indicas can reach 4 ft tall as where sativas can get up to 7 feet tall. Perhaps bendng/fimming would help. Good luck and keep us posted as i am doing a windowsill grow this year also.
  17. i believe r2 is sativa dominant, but with root trimming i could probly pull it off

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