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Sea of Green Strains?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by TruthfulDeceit, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Can anyone post some strains that they have had good results with growing using a Sea of Green system? I'm looking to set up a grow soon and would like strong strains for it.
  2. Northern Lights is a good one, never actually grew it myself tho. I've heard good things about hindu kush and master kush too.
  3. I'm currently growing 5 masterkush feminized, they are 10 days in, I seen some MK with LST and they have some really good yield, I wish I had gotten Powerplant though, they suppose to have a really big yield out of all :) wonder how good would that be for SOG, but even if you were to grow a few plants, I say 3 of those Powerplant will give you a nice amount to last for a good while :)
  4. Stay away from sativas or sativa dominant hybrids. As my good man before me said kush, which is a great bushy indica. Northern Lights however is mainly sativa. Personally I'd stick with good indicas-
    Afghani strains-
    hash plant-
    Indica dominant white strains
  5. on high grade seeds it says that northern lights in a 100% pure indica....you sure its sativa?
  6. northern lights is totally indica and hawaiianxskunk#1 is def not an indica dominant strain as hawaii is a place where sativa genetics come from since it has so much sun
  7. i grow armaggedon it gives me about 3oz per plant and its very strong lol :)
  8. how long you let them veg to get 3oz?

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