sea of green strain?

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  1. what would you choose for a sea of green strain, rooting for 7-14 days (~10) then straight to 12/12 for 8 weeks. 4 per sq ft. will lollipop.

    i was thinking critical + or hogsbreath any other input?
  2. My C99 grows really fast, flowers in 7 weeks, and clones easier than all my other strains. She also makes a nice single cola plant.
  3. Indica/indica dominent strains usually grow more bushy and suitable for a SCROG....

    AK 48 is easy to grow with minimal fertilizer use. Has many bud sites without doing any lst or,fimming but would be great for a SCROG.

    AK 48 is the earliest finishing plant around. Finishes in 6 weeks (48 days) with sticky dense buds......Check out my sig....;)
  4. :wave: Barney's farm Violator kush does very well as a SOG grow, don't top them and you get a big ass single cola :smoke:
  5. TH Seeds Chocolate Chunk grows perfect for a sea of green. Straight column growth. GooD LucK

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