Sea Of Green Need Help Please About the yield

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    Well I have a 5x5 tent setup with about 20 plants and a 1000 watt hps light and a big raptor get the plants about 5-7 feet high. I was thinking of Vegging for one month and flowering for two months,but my buddie says that I should use the sea of green method for the highest amount of yield,I was gonna trim everything also for more ligh to hit.what do you think will give me the most amount please reply it will be much appreciate it thank you.
  2. SOG is recommended for maximizing yield in reduced spaces. You have 5ft x 5ft- 25sq ft--SOG is recommended at about 4 plants per sq ft, lollipopping the plants (removing all side growth, focusing on main cola), so with your 20 plants you would have way too much space, it seems. I think a ScrOG would be more suitable to use up your space... or adding a lot more plants to the SOG, maybe?
  3. Yeah but the most I can fit in is about 5 more plants, I'll have 25 all together If I do it that way"sog". I have them in 5 gallon pots you think i'll get a bigger yield if I veg for one month and flower for two.or just doing the sog method..Either way I can fit about 5 more plants in.Unless I do the scrog method.
  4. Okay my internet wasnt working so when I searched about sog nothing came up as far as doing 20 plants thats not really a good idea for the sog method unless in doing like 50+ I right or wrong please more input.
  5. You can do a sog with 20 plants, but are you growing from clone or seed?
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    im growing from clones im trying to get the biggest yield possible 5x5 tent and the tents about 8ft tall thanks for the would you say this method is the best for yield or 1month veg 2 months flowing or doing
  7. With 20 plants you will need more veg time than if you used 50 or whatever, but you won't need a whole month. Maybe just a week would be enough. It all depends on the strain's growth characteristics. As far as yield goes, 4 plants, 5, 6, 10, 20, 30, etc can all yield similar numbers. The advantage of sog is mainly less veg time. Yield will be mostly impacted by strain, light wattage, and grower skill.
  8. Thanks Law low for the reply ...true what you said..I'm thinking of just growing them and using LST..since I'm not really in no rush and from what I've read sog is mainly for people with not much room which I don't have all the room but for 20 plants, its enough I believe.Unless I wanna throw Like 50 or so in their.
  9. oh btw im doing lemon kush and god bud for my grows.

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