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  1. Ok so ive been reading journals and looking at how to posts but i just cant seem to find a solid answer anywhere. Ive been looking into doing Sea of Green Recently. Im planning on 3-4 Mothers and i want to take the cuttings for SOG. My question is though how long should i veg them and what size pots should i use? I read about some people vegging up to 21 days some people flowering once the cuttings root, but what is the best way? Ill be flowering in a 4x2 box so im also curious about what size pots to use? Can you take them all the way through in 6" or 1 gal? or will i still need like 2 or 3 gallon pots? Any help is much appreciated. I just see everyone doing it different ways and most grow journals are incomplete so its kinda hard to gauge what works best. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. also interested. fwiw, as you've seen, it seems to depend. smaller containers limit root size and consequently plant size, and in SoG that is often desirable. 21 days seems excessive for vegging for SoG. Pots are cheap. Try some different sizes and see what works for ya. 2 or 3 gallons is probably bigger than needed for SoG, though. But again, it depends.
  3. OK, from my understanding of SoG, you don't veg at all. That is, you either take your rooted clones, and put them directly under 12/12, or you take your seedlings, and put them directly under 12/12 once they sprout.

    SoG is used to put many, small plants, into an area. You basically don't veg them at all, in theory. They're still going to veg for a while if they're seedlings, because they're not sexually mature. But the clones, after a week or so under the 12/12 should immediatly start to flower.

    The SoG is for quick, small harvests, but from many plants. The idea is, you flower them as quick as possible, but in large numbers to get a high yield. If you plan to veg your plants for 3 weeks, you're basically just going to be growing, many big plants. If you keep the SoG idea (as in high numbers) but you give them three weeks of veg time, you're going to have a jungle!

    So, SoG = several, small plants put imediately into 12/12 to equal a harvest of fewer big plants given lots of veg time, with a big yield. The idea is that you get less yield / plant, but you make up for it in numbers, and you can pull more harvests, because you never veg your plants.
  4. You can certainly veg them to acheive the height you want. In SoG you generally don't veg them much, or not at all and go straight to 12/12. But many people veg past a bit rooting them until a certain height before flipping to flower to attain a specific final height that may be taller than what can be acheived with straight into 12/12.

    SoG doesn't have to be all the way to the extreme. There is a trade-off in individual plant size vs. # of plants that equates to the amount of work involved in upkeep. More plants = more work. A person could choose to veg a bit for larger SoG plants (remember, SoG also involves training and plant shape - as in straight up budsicles, not just early 12/12) and have less plants, fewer plants per harvest, but more yield per plant.

    A lot of what will work best depends on genetics and space available.
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    To pile on with this, I'm running a (unofficial i suppose) SoG setup. Typically my cycle goes like this..

    Root clones for ~12 days
    Vegetate for ~21 days
    Flower for ~9 weeks

    I'm growing with the white widow strain (or have been, am going to see if I can keep my SLH short enough for this op), and bottom pruning, obviously, to control bottom/side growth.

    I also do cycles of 12 plants, and in my flowering room this allows me to add 12/harvest 12 plants every 3 weeks.

    I use soil with 6L pots for flowering, 6 rows of 6 in a 4'x4' tray under 1000w HPS. Typical yield is 1.25-2oz per plant, but that's also sometimes strain dependent.

    One thing I'd like to say is I'm finding this op to be a bit inefficient for my needs - I'm looking into a way to go with 2 week harvest, and no veg time - without having to get another light lol! It just seems that for 3 weeks veg I'm not getting much more yield than I could with less, or even no veg time like the 'official' SoG calls for. Could also be bucket size, still trying to dial mine in lol :)
  6. How exactly are you managing to take 12 plants every 3 weeks when you're doing cycles of 3 weeks and flowering takes a solid 9 weeks and you're vegging/rooting for about 5? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the proper timing I need to do in order to get this perpetual grow going. I want to grow, I suppose 16 plants.... in a flowering tent of 96x48x78. I think about a week for the rooting, two weeks in vegetative, and then the flowering tent would be a good amount. Does this mean I'm going to have to start with just 4 plants and then buy 4 more to put in once the first 4 are in flowering and from then on take 8 clones so I have 16 and then just keep cycling?

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