Sea cent.

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  1. Terrific pacific: an oceans potion, Blue tonic notion commotion.
    Twisted Missile, ouch a thistle here take this though.
    Drink and dribble, just a sip though take this fiddle.
    Sing and whistle on this fiddle, in the meadow by the thistle.

    O-clock official, Drink this missile;
    Celestial, slightly blissful
    Beneficial, in abyss though.

    In this meadow, i sit and whistle, by this thistle i play my fiddle.
    Mellow fellow in this meadow, Painted yellow.
    Sing in a bliss, of happiness.

    Governmental, monumental.
    Bring justice to this meadow.

    Bring Down- that Golden-Gate of-fate.
    Come round- its time to debate.
    outlaw- this tonic of blue ocean.
    outlaw- all this positive commotion.
  2. ive been waiting for you to post another peice man, i like it dude, i like it. keep it up man.
  3. good stuff, you stay elevating cant wait to read more.

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