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  1. watched this movie last night with my friend, who was basically asleep the whole time. Anyways we were pretty stoned and put on this movie. damn was it good. I had never seen it before but it sure as hell creeped me out, but it was still pretty good. The only thing I thought was weak was the ending. still a great film though:D
  2. I really like that movie too.

    Um... WTF is weak about a HEAD in a BOX?!

    **And for all I remember, it might have turned out that there wasn't ACTUALLY a head in the box and it was set up to make Brad Pitt get all WRATH-ful and shit. But I'm pretty sure there was a head in there, yeah? I always get progressively more baked when watching movies and the endings blur together. I barely remember the endings even to some of my all-time favorites.
  3. i think there was a head, they just never showed it. john doe did it all so brad pitt could be wrath though, yes. it was prettyyy gooooddd.

  4. yes there was a head in the box can tell by morgan freeman's reaction when he opens the package.

    one of my favorite movies. good as hell from start to finish.
  5. you didnt like the ending?! :eek: thats one of the things Se7en is famous for is its crazy ending.

    Anyways, glad you enjoyed the movie, its definitely one of my favorite movies.

    The Lust part though... :bolt:
  6. its a dope movie. kevin spacey played that role flawlessly imo.

    and yes, it was his pregnant wifes head in the box.
  7. its not that i didnt like the ending it was that i was expecting something better. it was alright for an ending i suppose, just wanted more haha, great movie though yes.
  8. Say whaaaat?! Did somebody say Se7en? Analysis time.

    The movie was about how very differently we define and perceive what is moral. To oversimplify the characters, I think Mills, Somerset, and Doe were, respectively, optimist, nihilist, and pessimist. I saw Mills as an ethusiastic go-getter who was more outraged and disgusted with John Doe than Somerset, who seemed hardened from all that he's seen, apathetic and cold, and consequently felt involuntarily removed from the rest of humanity. Doe, of course, saw everyone as evil and worthy of extreme punishment. I think John Doe undermined his cause, however, since the wife suffered unnecessarily; ie, she had no deadly sin worth punishing. Nonetheless, after his death, he surely succeeded in becoming a martyr for his cause. The ending was perfect.

  9. Well, like Doe said, HE was guilty of Envy. He wanted what Mills had and since he couldn't take it by force, he destroyed it.

    Overall, I think the main message of the movie is that the world is ultimately a sick and dark place and that it CAN destroy everything that's good and pure. On the surface that might seem nihilistic, but when you look at the last line of the film, "Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part." they're saying that even though the world ISN'T a fine place, that doesn't mean you shouldn't fight all the same.

    It's my favorite movie of all time. I actually got dragged to see it when it first came out, didn't like Brad Pitt at the time, and was sick to death of serial killer movies. But by the shot of Mills looking up at the barrel of Doe's gun...I was just totally blown away.

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