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  1. hey GC,

    This is my first actual grow and im growing just one bagseed in my backyard in phoenix just to get a little growing experience.

    Its been sunny and in the 70s and 80s during the day for the past like 3 weeks. I planted this seed the first week of march, here's a few pics. Let me know what you think. Any advice would also be appreciated. Happy growing :wave:






  2. i hope its gonna be growing inside soon, phoenix is about to get hotter than hell. too bad your not up here in flagstaff its just starting to break 60 sometimes.
  3. looks good man. smart move making a test grow with some bag seeds. wish i did the same. youll find that you learn so much more by actually growing a plant rather than reading about one
  4. the plant should be able to take the 115 degree days as long as i give it enough water. I grew lots of different types of plants outdoors last year and they survived the summer :cool:

  5. sweet, didnt know they could take it, but it does make sense with enough water. gl with ur summer grow, enjoy some awesome air conditioned sessions
  6. Felt some heat today :eek: 87 in phoenix..

    March 30

  7. ... Let's move it OUT of our backyard
  8. Here's some new pics.

    Unfortunately he grew some balls yesterday :devious:
    I'm gonna plant a couple more seeds tomorow because I want at least one female.

    I'm gonna let this bad boy keep growing though.

    April 5



    Happy 4:20 if you're on the west coast!!:wave:
  9. I just took a closer look at the nodes. I'm thinking its actually a hermie..
  10. It would be really foolish to keep any males around in your garden. IMHO. And if you do keep one single male, with a female in the area no matter how far apart they are she will turn hermie and produce alot of seeds instead of good bud. She would devote all her energy to produce seeds instead of bud....:(
  11. will the females still get pollenated if i pick the balls off the males?
  12. Ive tried it before dude and its just a really bad hassle. Every single day u got to go out and pluck the balls cuz they form over night. And then if you hav allot of sites its next to impossible to get them all and even if you wake up in the mornings to pluck them off you will find that sum still opened up into a flower over night and released its pollen.And i guarantee you he will pollinate your ladies, even if u do decide to go this route.:devious: Personally i wouldnt handle anyone else's balls but my own you fel meh? Dont do it bro i kno he's big and pretty but there is nothing more sexier than a tru me on this brotha.:smoking::wave:
  13. Kinda gave up on this thread..

    Turned out to be a male, i still got it growing though, its about 3 ft tall and i've still been giving it lots of water (we're hitting 100 here in phoenix now) but the leaves are dying and I'm just sorta letting it die naturally.

    Next season though, i'm going to take it a little more seriously and probably grow around 10 plants or so.

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