SC's: Shroomin' Boomin' Pt. I

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  1. SC's: Shroomin' Boomin Pt. I
    Brought to you by SmokeChoke.
    (If you dont know, "Booms" "Booming" is just another way to say Shrooms or Shrooming)

    Shrooms as most of you know, is a completly different ball game. Different world, different thoughts, different things. Now Im not going to sit here and give you a guide to them and what not and what to do, because for one you have a few people that have willingly created nice guides to psychedelics, and you have Erowid, Live by Erowid. Long live Erowid, haha.

    In my "Shroomin' Boomin" series, I plan to share a few stories and real great "adventures" that I experienced on shrooms. This part one is just going to be a intro to the series and more insight on shrooms and my involvement with them. Throughout the series I will also shed some light of information on other drugs I have taken such as other pills and psychedelics. Some info most people dont hear too often.

    Besides preparing for it, setting blah blah, spot - somewhere your comfortable, the MOST important thing to worry about is the people you do it with. Usually people will choose four of thier closest friends, that they have always hung out with, traveled or whatever. And thats to have a great trip, I'm not saying you need to have everyone there that you can trust with your car keys etc, but pretty close. Also some people, such as myself try to shroom in a even amount of people. 2, 4, 6, 8. Every person will eat about an eighth. But the one time I shroomed in a uneven number, was quite the experience. I freaked for no reason at all, while shrooming, your conscience is completly elevated. With the uneven guy, hes a guy I talked to alot - but didnt hang out alot with the buddies I shroomed with. He sent my trip off, almost into a bad trip, but I didnt fight it. And it remained somewhat steady - But Ill get into that story probaly in "Shroomin' Boomin' Part II." Once you do shrooms, it'll make your opinions change with weed,now you'll probaly look at a high as being basically sober but with other altercations. This is just due to the fact that weed no way in hell can compare to shrooms.

    In my upcoming series other things I'll talk about is what I call "utter thinking" Alot of thoughts will rush through your head while booming. About you, life, the world, the government - anything. But Life, is a different one - you'll trip off your ownself if you get what I mean. You probaly will literally see yourself throughout 5-10 years from now. Some what you might like to see, some not. Ive been through this stage of tripping, its stunning.

    Moderation. Remember, if you take shrooms every other day for like a week (what a friend of mine did) not only will you need more shrooms to trip each time and youll screw up your body with eating, sleep rotation and all that. Well most drugs fuck with sleep rotation. But remember shrooms are a fungus that contains poison. All shrooms have it, its just that the other ones have much higher concentrations of poison, and those ones we refer to "Poisonous Mushies, dont eat". If you dont moderate it to at the most once to twice a month, your in for a ride you dont want on. Your stomach will stay messed up at least a week.
    Before I close I must elaborate on one thing only few people talk about is the one main downside of shrooms.

    -Shrooms open up light to all the other drugs out there.
    I dont care what anyone says, "oh Ill never touch this and that drug". blah blah. Most likely once you do shrooms, somehwhat likely your going to want to try alot more drugs out there. Or should I say, your opinion on other drugs out there completely change - This isnt just a feeling ive felt, but other shroomers who I talk to as well. It opens a door to any other drug out there. Coke, Heroin, Anything. Now I have friends out there, and amongst them doing a variety of drugs, but they know not to get hooked and let it control their lives into misery.

    Ive personally, never done Heroin, and never will. But again I have friends that still do it, some tried it once never did it again, no matter how good the warm feeling was. I dont look down on drugs like that, I understand why people do it, I understand why they get hooked. Thats why I never do it. But the main rule with heroin and new people to is while sniffing, you can try it once and be able to never do it again, but the next time its that second time - its taking over your natural dopamine in your brain at a much different rate, and addiction will serve as a catalyst to speed up the process to get you hooked on heroin.

    I've created the saying "Once, you dunce. Twice, roll dice. Next heroin is your new vice"
    Then most likely it will lead to injection, you know how that goes.
    Anyhow, Im just blabbing on about many different things. In my series as within this "Premiere" you see I not only talk about Shroomin, but some different drugs and its community.

    In Shroomin' Boomin Pt. II, Most of the entire post will be a story on an "adventure" on the night we tripped, and a friend decided to go to the movies. (You know thats a mistake) Also how he nearly killed himself running into the street. So be sure to look out for that, with details on parts of my trip, and crazy happenings that night.
    ---- SmokeChoke
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  3. I like the concept a lot man, be sure to add tags to this thread like "Shroomin" and "boomin" so we can find the other threads by searching easily.

    But yeah, continue. I love experience reports of any kind, that's my favorite feature of Erowid.

    People might bitch at you to put this in Real Life Stories though..
  4. I want to read more, post em' up
    I always love reading experiences/ stories
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    I would like to see what else you're gonna say, even if you were to go to Pandora's Box and piece it all together on the original post after you're done...
  8. Give it a go. I want to read. Do you hunt your own? I'm from upstate S.C. So, I do alot of read'in on the subject. Good luck.

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