Scroging through the stretch

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  1. 5 days after flip to 12/12. how she looking? Most people's I see have bigger spacing and bigger plants!


    As I'm still tucking there's new tops being created by the day. Are all these little shoots gonna be big enough to hold top quality bud when the stretch has finished in about ten days? I've been cleaning underneath where I can and been removing all the shoots that wouldn't make it to the net. The back right plant I can't reach so doubt I'tll get a clean up...

    Also what about the bits I've circled below. Just one example On one of the shoots of the top I've been tucking. What could they do in the next ten days, like could they grow big enough to become there own top? Should I remove em?
  2. They will most likely grow into the chute. Ive had side growth more than half way down rise to my canopy height. If it doesnt make it in 10 days then you can decide to snip

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  3. Looki g good man. Keep tucking.

    Tuck tuck weave
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  4. On first week of flowering in scrog, I only tuck all new stretch growth just once like 5 or 6 days into the week.
    I've tucked in the past right up to the end of the 2nd week and had problems with growth of buds have stuck under the screen and above screen. Hard to explain tucking just once or twice on the first week is fine, but don't tuck once on the 2nd week of flower.

    Clean underneath screen slowly, do it bit by bit every few days. So by end of first week of flower its basically cleared out. Just keep any eye on dead leave matter clogging up screen from underneath.
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  5. Thanks for the input guys. I'll get a pick up when the lights come on.
  6. Looking good at lights on. Got some tucking to be doing...

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    Ive scrog'd twice in my life, and like ginger said above, its all slight tucking, but after 12 days my bud growth would start under the net, second time around stopped around day 10 and had near perfect growth.
    Theyre looking great! But scrogging isnt for me i like getting my babies out of the tent to trim and do work on them.

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  8. Looking great so far bro! I would give them shoots some more time before culling, its likely many will grow, i know some who nip all but the main tops but i have harvested many 6in buds from areas like that, imo its why i scrog
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  9. I'll look to stop tucking earley in the week I think. And yeah m9 next time round im gonna try 6 I think, veg half the time and just lst and top. The scrip is alot of work and limits me moving anything. But it does look beautiful I think.

    I'll leave till the end of Next week before I decide what's to go I think. I can't get to the back anyway so thinking if I can open the side of the tent for 5 mins of so to get the back plants. But don't wanna do this every day.
  10. Yeah scrogging is a pain with the more plants you have. Its why i dont do it anymore and lst and almost get same results. Also i feel like i lose a little light penetration with scrog over lst. Because i can spin my pots to cover evenly. Not eith scrog. It worka great for 2-4 plants though.

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  11. Day 11 12/12, I done the last tuck on day 6 I think. There not stretching as much as I expected. I raised the light to just over 20" today to see if I can get em reach up a little more before the stretch is done. Tops range shortest around 2" largest maybe 6/7"


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