Scroged 3 weeks into flower (hydro, closet grow)

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  1. Yo, so I recently scrogged my plants 3 weeks into flower. Do you guys think that will work ok and not stress the plants too much? I had to do it as my plants doubled in size in 8 days!!! :eek: I knew they would double but didn't think it would be that quick! One trainwreck plant grew past the light and to the top of the tent. I went and bought a trellis and started bending the tops under. Thank God they can get pretty close to the light due to my cooling system or the tops would have easily fried. Here is my setup.

    Strains growing (female):
    4 - Trainwreck
    1 - Durban Poison
    1 - Maui Wowi

    DR120W - Closet tent 48 wide x 24 deep x 63.3 tall
    6 plant hrydropnic drip system on timer. Waters for 30mins every 2 hours
    5 plant hydroponic dwc (no drip)
    400w HPS air cooled
    Can33 with 6" fan
    GH nutz

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  2. I think it will work fine. I put mine under screen at the flip, but think you'll be fine.
  3. Word thanks! I can't wait for them to be ready!:smoke:
  4. what is that floss?
  5. :laughing: Its a trellis I bought from the grow store. They put their own stricker on it and it was ghetto wrapped so its possible. Its quite a bit thicker than dental floss so it could be ass floss. I guess I could use the excess to clean my ass nuggets :D

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