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  1. searched the threads and couldnt find a tutorial...if anyone knos where it is please post link....ah thank you :wave:
  2. I haven't seen a sticky or tutorial on it either but maybe I can shed some light on it for you. Stands for: Screen Of Green, basically meaning to use some sort of screen material like fence material or what have you to make it easier to essentially LST (low stress train) your plant. Or in other words, placing your screen horizontally over your vegging plants and as they grow through the screen bend those puppies over and back down under the screen encouraging new growth to get more light and shoot up faster at node points. This will increase your node points or bud spots and allow you to use your space more efficiently. It's basically a convenient way to LST your plant. I like to use dental floss.....
  3. ok awesome. i was trying to think of how to have scrog in my growbox. im growing 3 plants and one plant is a 4 footer and im working with 2 feet of space, so i was trying to figureo out if i can use it to work to my advantage
  4. it's in the "Advanced Growing Techniques" section, it's a sticky, and it's called "The SCROG Method"

    go have a look it's a good article
  5. yeah. go have a look.
  6. on it going back to research

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