Discussion in 'General' started by SmittyB., Aug 27, 2008.

  1. In your own opinion (experience) Is scrog better than LST?
  2. you realizze that there is an entire forum down below this one, that is dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. Would You think that it would have made more sense to head down there and post this?????/

    But in short LST is very easy to do, once you get like atleaast 4 or 5 nodes growing IMO. Ive never grown scrog, but if done properly can be nice.

    I personally prefer just letting the babys thrive in good conditions, without lst or topping, if a leaf dyes i dont ever pull it off untl it falls.

    If you havent already check out the grow forums, you should bro.
  3. there is a great thread by greenmonster all about scrogging in one of the forums, it's a sticky i believe. scrog is a sort of lst.

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