scrog yeild vs sog speed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by H3rbOshin, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I'm starting a couple of grow boxes and I wat to an sog I have 3 4x4x4 boxes my concern is stuffing as many plants as I want in them. How. Many would you guys suggest is lighting going to be an issue? If I do a sccrog instead is the abiluty to harvest quickly going to suffer? What's the average length of time a scrog takes to get to a good flowering size in something my size ? Plz help

  2. its all strain dependant. if your looking for the quickness, get something that autoflowers.
  3. I was thinking aurora indica what would you suggeset strain wise and think. A 4ft cube box would be okay for sog?
  4. try em both ..and fgins which you like better. .there is no answer for what is "better"..

    ONLY WHAT IS BETTER FOR YOU..................and that will take some experimenting on your side..

    and yes you can SOG in a 1x1, up to a 100x100 if you want, same for SCroG
  5. Alright thank you for the hlp ill keep ya posted ima start this weekend

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