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  1. I have done a lot of research, but I just want to make sure I have it down, they say if you are using a 1,000W HPS you need to put the screen 24 inches above your plants, So do I just let them grow normal then when they hit like 20 inches put the screen over them?
  2. yea or you can do some lst right now or top/fim so the side branches catch up while you're waiting...the screen height has nothing to do with lighting just whatever height you can get under comfortably and work...some do 8 inches some 12-24
  3. Does the screen height affect the yield in anyway?
  4. It would just take longer for a taller screen to have all the nodes reach the canopy and you would have to trim a lot of potential bud sites under the screen that might have made it if it was shorter
  5. ^ and basically the higher your scrog the longer you will have to veg. As far a yield, and everything else, Im of the belief the higher the better :smoke:
  6. Alright, I wonder what to do, i might just wing it or see what's up, I probably won't to 24 inches that seems way to high, I think a good foot would work, I think it will also probably vary on weather you veg with 18-6 or 24-0

  7. yeah 24" does sound a little extreme, I understand that plants are about 1/3 of their final size when they are vegging so if you veg'd to 24" it could possibly reach 6', but probably not that tall indoors. Personally I think it would take too long for the plant to reach 24". I prefer small(er) harvests more frequently, but thats just me. I'd go at least 12" tho for decent time/yield, maybe 16".

  8. Do I wait until I start flowering to apply the SCROG?
  9. I would go ahead and put the screen over it, and just let it grow up to it, training on the way. During its vegetative growth, you want to carefully guide or train the tops into the squares formed by the screen. The general rule is 1 top per square, and then switch to flowering when 65-80% of the squares are filled.

    Below is the link to TheWaterBoy's should message him, he knows scrog's very well and can probably help a lot more with the specifics! Good luck!

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