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    can somebody explain a little better to me about when you have to pull the branch back through when it gets to tall adn do you pull it through the same hole it came though or what and were do you put it. another question are you actually supposed to weave the branch through the screen like over and under....
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    The ScrOG method, as far as I know, involves pulling it back through the same hole, and laying it under the screen. This is a less-involved method of Low Stress Training, teaching the plant to grow to a single, wide canopy height.

    It would be possible to use a very fine mesh screen for vegitation, one that still allowed good light penetration such as an aluminum .5" maybe, then switch to a large mesh for flowering such as chicken coup wire, or cow fence, large anyways, allowing your maristems to ascend simultaniously, creating more even lighting on your buds.

    Otherwise, I'd check out some of the tutorials in the forum, somebody's definately been there, done that.

    Ask the City and the City abides.

    But I've not done ScrOG yet, just thought about it.

    PS - You could easily grow it to a trellis of any shape. Certrain strains shape better than others, and leaving the lights off for a few hours and using K-poor fertilizer can help make them malleable in early veg.

    Old Skool growers would gorilla grow plants on ground level trellises that raised up slightly, facing south. This allowed them to weave the plant to cover the trellis, allowing all buds to recieve direct sunlight for harvest.

    Others grew straight flat along the ground using stakes.

    My point is be creative, experiment.
  3. thank you that really helps out
  4. I have a scrog question, but it's weird and hard to look up using search.

    I know that my screen should be 16" from my 400w HPS, but how far off the bottom of the plants.

    I know it seems like this wouldnt matter much, but it does in my situation. I have WW, which is short and bushy, and some skunk #1 which grows like a motherfucker.

    So what I did was set my screen 16" from my maximum light height, then lowered the light down some with the intention of moving it back up when the plants had reached the screen.

    Problem is the skunk is all over the screen and the WW is has a few inches to go.

    So I am hoping someone has found some kind of a standard.

    Intuitively I am thinking I leave everything where it is since it gives me the maximum grow area, even if the WW is a little further from the light for a while.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Criticism? Well wishes?

    :smoking: :wave:
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    yup, pull it back through the same hole and just keep the plant growing in the direction you want under the screen.

    I didn't like weaving through the screen as it locks things in too much (IMHO), though others might have a good reason to weave. Once your screen starts getting full, you will appreciate having a little extra mobility some so you can fine tune your final screen distribution of growing little buds.

    Sometimes you will find yourself with 2 main stems approaching each other, and you gotta move things around a bit to avoid a cola collision! If you have them weaved through, you really cant move anything around.
  6. Growing multiple strains under a scrog can be a little challenging that way. I had the same problem last time, and ended up raising 3 of my plants up to the screen. I built little 2x4 material stands to set the plants on.

    The stretchier strains I left on the ground basically, it worked out nicely in the end
  7. good idea. Thanks.:smoke:
  8. I've seen three types of scrogs:

    All underneath the mesh - the plant(s) are allowed to grow up to the screen but not past it. Usually used a fine mesh as not to block out too much light.

    Weaved through the mesh - the branches are allowed to grow through the mesh then weaved under and over the mesh

    Fixed to the mesh - branches grow through the mesh then are kept above the mesh by tying them down to the mesh.

    I have tried the last two and much prefer the last option. I let the plant grow through the mesh and then use cable ties to loosely strap the plant down as the branches get longer. With weaving, some of the branches and bud sites end up under the screen and are easily shadowed by the plant or mesh. For getting maximum exposure to the light, the latter is what I recommend.

    The first option I've never tried but seen a few threads with good results. I suppose the biggest advantage is that you can get a very even canopy and shape it easily. Never tried it myself as I don't like the idea of the screen blocking the light.

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