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  1. i read somewhere about someone using a scrog with the top screen being 1"x1" squares. where can i get such a screen?

    currently my setup consists of:

    150W hps

    semi-sphere transparent light deflector the size of half a dodgeball (deconcentrates the light and disperses the lights so light is spread evenly)

    everything in a minifridge

    i bought the light deflector thingy because if worse comes to worse i can just use that as a screen for the scrog. i'd still have to tie down the major stems though.

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  2. didnt you look at any of the example scrog gardens i posted in the indoor growing section in your post?
  3. i just got an idea, if you take pictures of your mini fridge and what supplies ou have now i could draw you up a set of plans to get the most use from your space. just an idea:)

    you got messenger?
  4. nah, no messenger. i'll double check on your scrog posts. brb.
  5. well, i looked over those posts again... and then i forgot what i was looking for.

    i'm going to arrive at my dorm on the 28th, so only after that can i send you any pix. i'll keep u updated.
  6. in an enclosed space such as a mini fridge (btw, i'm thinking of making one of these just for the hell of it;) good idea) the light will bounce around and cover everything. but you should consider doing an h/BOG for a bigger harvest and maximizes bulb efficiency when mounted vertically. i'd suggest removing one of the vertical screens so you can slide the whole screen system out of the fridge for pruning/training.:D
  7. here's another idea. instead of vertical or horizontal, just avoid the bulb and have the largest screen possible: something close to a *diagonal* scrog.

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  8. i still don't have my old minifrige... even though i've had it for two years i don't remember its size exactly, so it might be smaller than i think. in that case i might 1) buy some wood and make my own cabinet or 2) do this:

    since i want a female i would germinate at least two seeds and wait until sex is determined, then i'll keep just one female.

    or maybe keep both females and cram them in the best i can.

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  9. Keep the light in the center and just make a U shaped scrog screen if you want. The only problem is more auxins go to the higher buds and teh buds are smaller at the bottom and bigger at the top of the U shaped screen. This can be solved by having more then one plant have one "low" middle plant and 2 "high" plants on the outside on shevlves or some kind of booster.
  10. yeah, let us know the dimensions of your fridge when you find it. then we can figure out the best method for your space:)
  11. a meager 24" by 20", taller than wide.
  12. oh, and counting the space in the door, its also 18" deep
  13. yeah, in that shortt amount of space you would be set off with a n h/BOG, cause the hieight is nlow and you want as much as you can get from a small space,. do you work with any 3d modeling programs? if so, you should make a model, even just a simple one, of a ll the stuff that has to go inthe fridge, and put it together in the program. that way you can make it its best in the begining so you dont have to change anythuing when you stat building. personally, i use rhino, which you can doenload here~~~>Rhino 3.0 evaluation

    heres a scre
  14. ok. i've started working on the fridge. the worse part was taking out the pump and cooling system because it has liquids and some compressed gas in it. i took it outside and stripped it.

    i bought a 20 dollar drill from target (not battery but cord drill, buy cord drills they're cheap and strong) but the maximum size hole i can drill is 1/2". this is the worst problem because i'm in a dorm and the drilling makes awefully loud noises. i'm going to wait until tomorrow afternoon to continue.

    anybody have tips on drilling vent holes with 1/2" drills?

    i will start out with just one plant i think, so i will go with a horizontal scrog for now. i can change it later.
  15. buy a hole saw. they go up to 6", and usually have a 3/8" arbor. even wth a flat ScrOG, you should be able t get like 3 oz outta there;)
  16. hm. 3 oz is ... its 45 for an eight so at least $300 for 1 oz... so i'll get at least $900 in return for my first harvest.

    if i sell most of my load i'll get at least $500 worth my first harvest, not bad at all.

    i've just finished my fridge grow room. its rather cramped in there because all the wiring including 12 volt dc adapter and timers etc but there is ample space for growth.

    the biggest problem is ventilation. i made my own carbon scrubber without any air filters which is bad enough, and its powered by only one 12mm computer fan. i'll have to change the scrubber design.

    i'm going to test the temperature. how long should i leave it on to have a good idea of the temperature?

    i'm going to guess around 10 minutes. i'll post again then.

    p.s. the rubber matting around the door of the fridge is not good light insulation, as i can see the light coming through the rubber. shouldn't be a problem during 12/12 cycles though, as the fridge will be under my bed anyways and the light in my room isn't bright.
  17. well i've been running it for only 5 minutes and its pretty warm in there. i will remove the carbon scrubber from the vent hole and see if this makes a difference.
  18. i i were you i would make an external carbon scrubber, to save space and to allow for more carbon;)

    any current pics? i'd love to see what it looks like:)

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