Scrog from seeds, a big hassle?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by samsizzle, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I've been reading these forums for weeks and a couple of other ones. I'm getting ready to delve into my first grow, but I have a few questions before I start.

    I was interested in the Scrog method because of its efficiency and tendency to be stealthy. However, I do not have access to clones, is a scrog grow a pain in the ass from seeds? Or is it pretty much the same as any other grow. Do the plants go under the screen before their sex is shown? If not, I dont see why doing a SCROG from seeds would be a hassle.

    Also, can you grow different strains of plants in close proximity like in a scrog? I was interested in trying to grow a couple different types of plants, but if its better to stick with one strain, id rather do that.

    Finally, are there specific strains that are better for scrog? Or will any indoor type work well?

    I was looking at Nirvana's AK48, White Rhino, White Widow, Blue Mystic, or K2 as strains I was looking at, are these suitable for a scrog grow? Any comments on any of these specific types?

    I have a ton of questions, and when I get started I will keep a nice grow journal. Keep me informed!

  2. So.

    I am a little new to growing as well but i think i can answer some of your q's

    1, Im pretty sure scrog is the coolest thing ever, maximum yeilds, you get too play with your plants,etc, but i have been advised and i have decided not too "scrog" my first grow, you can go through the trouble of finding out the sex of your plants before you grow into the screen or dont do it, no one wants too untangle a male from a screen full of females.

    2, As far as growing different strains close together as long as there all females i dont see what the problem is, im pretty sure people like to mix it up with no probs involved.

    3, I purchased 10 nirvana K2, and got some freebies.
    Im not sure what strain best works for a scrog but i kinda have a feeling a sativa would be easyer to work with. I might attempt to scrog with my K2 but from what ive heard its a bushy plant with thick stems. I think you can scrog with any plant but i am unsure as to what is the best one too choose, do some research and just decide.

    I have asked a few noob questions here and i now have my grow up and running.
    Dont be afraid to check out the FAQ before you ask somone something, ive just gotten done reading about all i can. I find sometimes other cultivation website might have some different info if you cant find it here.

    good luck and if i missed out on anything or if im wrong on anything somone please correct me.


    pssss my 1 week old babies look extremely healthy and happy, im stoked.

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