Screw this, f'ed up morning

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  1. I decided to smoke some really nice dank for the first time in like 3 weeks. I'm not a daily smoker ever, and only an occasional. I have small spoon that I use, sure its always been somewhat harsh, but till this morning, i experienced it all. I took a hit, held it in for like 3 seconds and blew it out. I started to cough like no tomorrow, and for some reason, it my gag reflex and threw up on my carpet. Took me another hour to clean it up with the stain remover while completely baked like it was my first time. Not fun...

    Anyways, anyone else experience some thing like this? I'm stick to joints now...
  2. clean that motherfucker, and just be glad you didn't break it or something, because thats what i thought had happened
  3. Sooo you got some scoobysnacks from your pipe that made ya yak? Haha clean that shit and you'll be all good.
  4. I think he means the smoke made him throw up, in which case I don't know what to tell you tbh lol.
  5. Haha no. But the picture I got in my head was funny. I have a spoon too, they are harsh. I suggest smoking something else if you only smoke occasionally. Because it hits you harder.
  6. Im guessing it was the hot smoke that made you throw up. I've done this before, and it was because the hit was so damn hot (and it was also out of a spoon) and big, that your lungs just say fuck you, NO, and then you start to cough super hard, so hard that it brings up your nice breakfast with it. So just take smaller hits, and it should help.
  7. I took a huge rip out of the bong yesterday and it almsot made me thrrow up, I didnt wanna cough or anything, but it just has this wierd feeling in your lungs, and I gagged a litle but didnt throw up
  8. i threw up once mid inhalation on a homemade vaporizer. The moment super hot air reaches the lungs it triggers an instant vomit mechanism, or so i found out. It happened so fast i was just sitting there staring at the puddle of vomit all stoned with my head sideways....huh......? I guess my home made vape setting was a little too high, lol
  9. clean it out or get used to scooby snacks[​IMG]
  10. I pretty much exclusively use a ~4inch spoon, make sure you inhale SLOWLY and take smaller hits with no problem. I kinda do this "kissing" thing where I inhale and take my mouth on and off the piece to get some air in my lungs too and keep things cool. I think thats what people who use the MFLB do too...
  11. I've had this happen with big ole hits though I've never thrown up (came close a time or two), for me when I start violently coughing its almost like saliva gets into the back of my throat and it seems to trigger my gag reflex more. That and the heaving of your abdominal muscles might be enough to help force the contents of your stomach up.
  12. I throw up if I've been drinking ......
  13. Yeah your throat just wasn't used to the harshness of hot smoke. As a daily indulger I do not have to worry about this. I suggest get a bubbler for water to help cool it or a small bong with ice catch to help cool it.
  14. I've thrown up a few times if I'm smoking on an empty stomach, or just taking super big hits and I just hate something that didn't quite settle yet.

    It happens. I'm pretty good at feeling when I'm about to throw up, so I hold it in until I can get to somewhere where I can throw up.
  15. I've been there before, I threw up before because of really harsh smoke, from my 6 inch bubbler, it hits you hard, but it sets your lungs on fire at the same time :D
  16. Homemade vape? You're probably smoking metal fumes dude..
  17. marijuana is an expectorant, it is naturaly designed to make you cough like a mother fucker and thereby clean your lungs out, this is a healthy thing if you only smoke on occassion, now if youre like me or other stoners you smoke a little more often than a few times a year so this expectorant property just makes you cough like a mofo without really cleaning much and on big rips, as you just experienced, even puke, the best thing ive found is to just take smaller, drawn out hits, less coughing and more enjoyable imho
    dont be so concerned about other people thinking you take pussy rips or anything, its funner to smoke easy and it conserves our weed a lot better, which makes your money stretch

    also, holding your breath isnt nessacarily good for you or your brain cells... just sayin
  18. Yeah my first near vomit weed experience was off of a big ol spoon we called the kraken, can be some harsh hits for sure. I had a dude almost puke down my new bong on halloween he had been eating ass loads of candy at his job at wal mart and took one hit and spewed green on my friends carpet. I snatched my bong away just in time :smoke: But yeah just take lighter hits and pull them slower to let smoke cool.
  19. Every documentary I've watched on weed said that holding it in doesn't increace THC intake and increases your risk of respiratory issues. Holding it in doesn't do anything besides expose your lungs to more tar
  20. And I throw up all the damn time if I take a big hit and cough too hard. But i've learned to control it. And this is with a glass pipe and medical quality weed. Coughing too hard for some people triggers a gag reflex

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