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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. just finished making my fifth bong, and im telling you, they get better and better each time...this one is two chambered, and i was only curious as to the screens, brass and steel, whats better, whats the difference, or does it really make a flying purple three legged chicken wearing blue courdoroy trousers on bright and sprintime fresh sunday afternoon?
  2. dont ever get brass screens
  3. why not? whats the difference...any other opinions?
  4. brass taste like shit
  5. i appreciate the correspondence, this place gets greater and greater each time i show up :D really satisfied....
    i was mainly looking for info on which lasted longest or if either was healthier (hahah health hahahaha)....i know fucking aluminum can with holes punched in it tastes like shit !!!

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  6. first thread

    *awww isnt it cute*
  7. Ive heard if you flame them up, they are aighty to use as well..careful not to touch the fucker right away afterwards. I always had to learn the hard way...
    funny pic :) BOOM!
  8. lol..I was gonna reply too :p

    so how did ya find ur first post?? i wanna find mine! :)

  9. Click on the button that says "search" under any of your posts, and just look at the last page....that's your first post!
  10. About lighting
    Well, i've been smokin for about a year or two now, n Im gettin interested in growin now. I've been readin a lil n I see alot about white flurescent lights. I also heard other places bout black lights, I have some black lights lyin around, n was wonderin if they work good? or if it has to be white or?

    LOl..that was my first post, man im a n00b lol

    im gonna go find everyones first post!! gonna take awhile, but it'll be
  11.'s mine...back when I used to work at Wawa :p

    smoking in public
    My friend Amanda and I get blazed at work all the time...we both work 3rd shift and I'm the shift manager, so it's kinda's just us. We've also baked our store manager's car. Man, I thought we were gonna get busted that time tho. We've smoked outside our work while a cop was standing inside getting coffee! We smoke with the vendors, with a couple of customers, and fellow employees.

    I also used to get high at my other job, when I worked at Hersheypark....getting blazed on a roller coaster is the best!
  12. brass screens taste like ass ass-brass

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