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Screens yes or no?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. what are the advantages or disadvantages of using a screen??
  2. Keeps you from sucking down ash and weed.

    You have to keep them clean by holding them roach clip and burning the shit off of them after it starts getting covered. If not, it'll get too thick and cost your hits to get harder to pull and taste like shit.
  3. well you dont suck it the bowl for one, so the bowl will last longer. I do not know of any cons so get one
  4. In my opinion, if your bowl doesn't need it, don't use it.
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    Some bowls need them.

    Some don't.


    Fuck yea, it needs it.

    So I have a shit ton of glass screens that I use.

    If you have a glass pipe--

  6. Metal screens are for metal bowls. Most bowls need a glass screen or none.
  7. why doesnt glass need em?? if i were to use a metal one wouldnt resin build up on it and make it easier to smoke the resin off??
  8. You seem to love resin.
    Glass doesn't need them because a good glass piece will have a Y shaped bowl (when looking at it from the side) and there is generally not too much ash/weed loss, comparatively. A metal pipe, on the other hand, generally won't have that. It would be possible to shape the metal, but if you're smoking from a metal crack pipe, why not just use a metal screen?
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    I use small metal bowls,with like an 1/8 inch hole The hit just burns & gets sucked into the Bong Water or Ash Catcher. Eventually U have to dig a screen out & clean or replace it. Bowls with pin holes(Turbo Bowls) are the best
    Glass bowls & stems use what they call 'Gauzes' These are simply small glass pieces that are star,round with points,or jack shaped that you place in the glass stem to obstruct the downstem & provide a base to pack herb.
  10. I have only seen one Y sahped bowl before and it was a speical Toro slide. All of my Roor bowls just have a reg circle hole. What other brand makes there bowlds like that?
  11. advantage-no scooby snacks in your mouth.
    disadvantage-good luck res-hitting the bowl once it gets cloged and you have to change your screen...
  12. I do not like smoking out of metal pipes, the smoke always seems harsher. All of my pieces are glass, but I use metal screens in them. Usually I have to just use a nug at the bottom until I can stick a screen in there. I have never noticed any harsh taste from the screen except the first few tokes (I learned to torch the screens a little bit before putting them in, so I dont have to taste that shit).

    In my experience, glass screens cost more and clog faster.
  13. I'm trying to think of a better way to describe it, considering every bowl I own and every bowl I've smoked, as far as I can remember, is like that (keep in mind when I say "bowl" I'm referring to a pipe, not a bong.) Think of an upside down Bell Curve, if that means anything to you.
  14. thanks guys u were alota help
  15. Oh, ok. I see what you are saying now. I thought you were talking about something similar to the 3 pinch Toro slides.

  16. I haven't seen any of you guys say you like to smoke out a wooden pipe. That's what I generally use, and I use a metal screen for it.
  17. If I have screens I'll use them, sometiems I don't but majority of the time I do.
  18. do screens make ur pipe easier to clean?
  19. Yea, they prevent your pipe from getting clogged.
  20. I only use screens for my hash. Other than that, I just keep a roll of toilet paper around so when Im done with the bowl... just wipe it clean.
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