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    What do you do when life seems so overwhelming? Success feels like a fantasy...relationship like a prison...and people are like blind mice trapped in a box. I need a I alone?
  2. When I feel like that, I enjoy a nice relaxing smoke session. :smoke:

  3. I feel like I need to be a good place mentally when I weed dosent help ease the pain it just makes me dwell on it until it all makes sense...or maybe I just need better weed

  4. I drown myself in music. Hard, loud stuff. Or punch something...
  5. success is a fantasy. something they wave in front of our faces to keep us on the hamster wheel.

    sure, some of us achieve 'success', but a lot of the time the ends do not justify the means and you lost many hobbies, friends, and time trying to get it. plus what is success? thats the real problem, success isnt being rich, its living how you WANT to live. sometimes that means getting rich and having a ridiculously expensive house/car, but if thats not what you want, you're working for someone elses dream!

  6. you're right
  7. Whenever I'm stressed, I like to lotion my feet.
  8. lol a lotioned foot benefits everyone!

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