Scrape my vape?

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  1. hello everyone, so i got a question...
    i heard something like "be sure to scrape your vaporizer whip that stuff inside is pure hash bro." Is there any truth to this? I've been dry for a couple months now so i'm interested in trying it. Thing whip is kind of impossible to clean (the screen isn't removable). I've had it for about 6 months, used it daily for maybe 4 of those months. Here's a few pictures:
    any tips on how i might go about it? should i just say fuck it and smash the thing? would it even be worth my while? thanks
  2. That is basically like hash... it will get you fucked right up! Its like THC concentrate. I wouldn't recommend breaking the glass part of the whip because the tubing will still have some in it. The most effective method would to QWISO wash the wand... you'll make it look like new and when the ISO dries it will be good to smoke! There's alot of threads on here about qwiso washing check em out if you don't already know.
  3. What BLT said!

    - Grab some 91%(+) Iso

    - Remove the tubing from the wand, place your finger over the tubing side of the wand and poor in enough iso to fill about half the wand, swirl it around and let it soak for about a minute or so then dump it out over a glass baking dish or plate.

    - Repeat with the tubing

    - Place plate next to a fan and in a couple hours scrape it up with a flat scraping razor.

    You can either vape or smoke the hash, either way it will light you up ;)

    Wand/Whip hash is amazing when you don't have any bud and it's not fiendish like smoking resin!
  4. thanks! I haven't heard of qwiso but i'll definitely check it out! how much do you think i could get out of it, judging from the pictures? good enough for 1 or 2 highs at least? i imagine my tolerance is low now that i haven't smoked in months
  5. If you haven't smoked in months you do not have a tolerance... enjoy it! I would say at least 2 buts its hard to say. There looks to be a decent amount in the tubing :)
  6. So none of this worked like at all. The alcohol barely got any of the resin out & after a few hours i was left with a plate of ashes and a little sticky brown shit i couldn't scrape off. tried chasing the dragon lighting it on the plate but it didnt work. easily the biggest waste of time i've ever encountered, and now my whip is broken. any suggestions as to what i did wrong? should i try it again?
  7. there's tons of videos on youtube about doing this, check one out for a more visual explination
  8. I don't even use ISO, i just scrape a chunk out when i want to use it. Scrape out, roll into ball, vape, done. What is so hard about that?
  9. Yup, me too. I have an EQ and there's a quick buildup around the inside of the elbow piece and the bottom of the screen there that's easy to scrape out (and it seems like this could be done fairly easily with any wand, no?) and then also a viscous buildup in the tubing. I don't recycle the tubing but replace it, so when I change that I just cut it open to recover the goo from there. Definitely worth reclaiming and a nice surprise if you expect it to be as gross as pipe scraped resin.
  10. How'd the whip bust? As far as the QWiso there shouldn't be any ashes. Where did ashes come from? Anybody know what happened there? The stuff you're left with after the evap is hard to scrape up with anything but a razor blade (I've only done iso washes twice with vaped bud and it was like this... I don't bother anymore). I don't think you need to go the QWiso route: see my previous post. Happy tokin!

  11. it looks pretty hard to get out. what tool did you use?

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