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Scranton PA

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ilovewendys144, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Anyone out there from Scranton PA who can tell me how accessible and pricey the green is around those parts? I'm going to be moving from Long Island New York at the end of the year to an apartment near University of Scranton. Figured since it was a college town it couldnt be too dry.


    (Not looking for a hookup, just for some general info)
  2. No idea. But remember that episode of The Office where Dwight found a roach in the parking lot?
  3. I love The Office
  4. Creed is a bad ass old mofo.
  5. im not too sure bout the bud up there in scranton, but i live round Harrisburg, and central PA gets some good bud, only problem is it is a little overpriced imo. so if u wanna make 2 hr drive or u could try Philly too, they get some amazing heads
  6. you need to find "hunter" he'll solve all your problems lol
  7. i live in scranton, born and raised, i go to the university too..its not dry here at all, you just gota know the right people. i dont though but i know a ton of kids that get there buds from kids that live at the university...bud runs 20 a gram, regardless of quality most of the time, beware of kids that pinch thier bags, unfortunetly its pretty common and you may end up getting like .7-.8 of good buds...alot of kids sell 3 gs for 50, 1/8 for 60, 90 a quarter.. and ive heard of zips for as much as 400...hope that helps but it varies from dealer to dealer
  8. The office!!
  9. haha. i knew eryone would be referencing the office. i fuckin love that show.
    OP: i have no clue
  10. Hahaha

    I shouldve known better.

    But thanks for the info, i figured since it would be cheaper than my NYC prices, but apparently not.
    On a sidenote, hows the nightlife out there? Bar scene pretty good? Girls approachable (or relatively snobby like in NYC)?
  11. Nightlife isn't bad at all, people in Scranton are big drinkers.. I'm not 21 yet but I've been in some bars and heard stories about others, you'll enjoy yourself though.. The girls vary some are bitches and others are chill as shit, I only try and put myself around the chill ones, but if I had to say overall they r cool
  12. OP: I'm just curious. Has The Office increased tourism in Scranton? If I ever cruise through PA I will definalty take a stop at Scranton because of the show.

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