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  1. its currently 3:12 in the a.m Paris Ozone time layer. I decided to stroll around the Eiffel Yower, in hopes of finding some shady people. I turn a gauche (french for right i think) and what do I find , some SHADY *****S chillin on the bench. Now at this point they are mugging the bejjesuer out of me, I'm like awe fuck, cause *****s be acting all times of foolish towards a tourist. Off topic for a second, last week I went to Versaille, Napolean Bonaparts castle or some shit, now I went shopping that day earliester, dropped about 800 euros, went to Celio, i'm pissed now cause I really didn't buy that much, just expensive for no reason, well anyways, I went to an Optical Eye Glass store, my sister bought some Chanell shades, I got some raybans, thy were only 110 euros, so ehh…But in the current sub topic of shady *****s, as mentioned above, {I AM JAMMING TO RICH HIL YESH}, as I'm leaving Versaille, no taxis are avaibible, so I take the train, now keep in mind Versaille is a whole different city from Paris, so i was on the train for like 34.52 minutes i guess. But obviously I'm on the train i don't need my shades on right? So I'm squiched <--- Spell check, agisnt everyone i can hardly turn my hips, so I turn my head to the left I see this chick and she's just starrin at me, like bitch, do i look like Tupac, and then she smiles , and I smile and we fuck…:( No she just smiled and put her head on her boy friend. I'm like, fucking zoozoo, so i turn my hips a little cause at this point people on the train are getting off. So I turn and there are these two italian girls, yumm right, by chance my mandingo was up agaisnst her arsewhole, LmfaoOFOEW, she didn't seem to mind, but anyways fast forward to 9.493 minutes, its my stop and i'm walking off trying put my boner in the band strap, and i look down to put on my raybans, and i put on my invisble raybans -.- wtf. I run back to the train to see if i may have dropped it, I knew what happend, but I didn't want to know, yafeeelme. So i'm pissied, like i wanna punch something, but with out hurting myself, I'm trying to remeber who was on the train by me {NICKI MINAJ DID IT ON EM, tumblr playlist yeaahh) there was 2 creepy men, giggling, fuck em, and some other people, i turn my head to see the bitch trying my glasses on on the train, I'm like Eminem i'm a kill the bitch, so for the next few days, i was looking for the bitch like where ever i went, i knew it wasn't likely i would find her. But what ever. Back to the coke story, sped up, I went to the eiffel toward found 3 ghetto french *****s who were just muggin me like err„ I come in peace bitch, I was like “Tu parle francais” you can guess what that meant i was like you got weed, they were like Qua? I was like bitch i thought you spoke english, in my head of course. But i kept on using the words for marijuana that I know, ganja, weed, kush, dojo, tree, and then i was like Fuck Marijuana, they were like ahh Oui Oui, you want I WAS LIKE YEAHH BOIII, The guy with the hood was like 4 euros, i was like for how much, he said a joint, i was like straight, only 2 of us sparked, so we started conversating, and became palls and shit lmfao. They kept on asking, “Is good right” i was like yeah its straight, weed, The guy holding the joint is like, “Is no weed”, my heart cuts like ……………..WHAAAAAA… WHAT IS THIS SHIT, he said “Is marijuana” i'm like, foreign ass *****s {Dirt Nasty and Beardo, rapping my ears now, Drugs on my mind} i explained to them, its the same thing. So we chilling, and The guy that i could tell was Arabic, cause they asked what I studied in America, and I told them, math, english, arabic. And he jizzed his pants and was like , WEEAAARY SPEAK, so i said , Habib Marhaba lmfao, i didn't pay attention in arabic. So this guy whips out a pack and is like you want coka, I was like, what? coka cola? He's like nopes, coka, I'm like oh coke, then i started thinking wtf, this is the second coke deal i've been offered, but that stories for a different time. So the 3 guys start crowding me, and I'm like aww fuck, *****s boutta die. So the two guys are like naw man, in french of course, “don't give him that, don't take it man thats bad drug” i was like damn good looks, *****s got my back and shit. And they were cool, i'm boutta get 40 euros worth of kush when i call him. But now i'm home safe and sound, jammin, to rich hil.

    LMFAO I WROTE SO MUCH:smoke::smoke::D
  2. im JK bro

    i woulde been scared as shit if i was smoking some strangers joint n he was like "its not weed" id have a mini heart attack lol
  3. cool story bro
  4. Oh yeah, feels good man. :smoke:
  5. I liked it
  6. Sorry couldn't read that, just too much. My friend is in Paris right now and keeps calling me and telling me about all the creepy guys who keep following her around and staring at her ass. Please don't be one of those people.
  7. translate:
    He's in paris looking for skeatchy people who fit the profile of a drug dealer.
    His Raybands get robbed on the train while he's checking out some chicks.
    He finally scores like $5 worth of weed after all of that :cool:
  8. lol rich hil
  9. i thought you meant you got some french pussy. isnt that why france was invented? to have hot and horny women
  10. Lol sounds like your on some coke.
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    Dude, i lived in Paris for a while.
    Its not really the place you want to ask around for weed. Its mostly Algerians trying to fuck you over. They'll either try to mob you or sell you shitty weed or hash.
    Hash is safer, there were some problem at some point with people putting crushed glass in the bud to make it heavier. (and that fucks up your lungs big time).

    Not all are like that, but i've seen some try to get some girls number then hitting her because she wouldn't and shit like that.
  12. anyone else stop reading when they saw that OP thought gauche was right? lmao.
  13. I stopped reading right after I glanced that wall of texts. anyway paris is the shit *****! cheers
  14. That was a good story man, my eyes hurt now but fuckit.
  15. wish i could read it man
  16. One word: PARAGRAPHS!
  17. what the fuck did i just not read.?
  18. i dont know whats a crazier seeking out drugs in an un friendly country or turning down free cocaine

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