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  1. Shaggy always has dilated pupils
    They both are always hungry.
    Shaggy or Scooby is always first to see the monster.
    Shanggy walks weird and always wears the same, dirty hippy looking clothes.
    They almost always get caught in the trap that was set up to capture the monster.
    They're always in the back of the Mystery Machine, probably lighting a bud up.
    Whenever the Mystery Machine door is open, smoke comes out.
    The show came out in the late 60's early 70's, when marijuana was popular.
    In the Scooby Doo movie, Shaggy's girlfriend's name was "Mary Jane."

    So they were never stupid, just high.

    Just wondering if anyone ever noticed these things as well...
  2. lol i never watched scooby doo but damn now i wanna lol
  3. haha im just sayin i realized this recentlyyy
  4. Dude ate dog biscuits. It would take one hell of a case of the munchies to get me to do that.
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    dude, i thought this was a well known fact

    of course shaggy was a stoner
    his name is SHAGGY

    duh, just listen to the way he talks, looks, and hes always paranoid and hungry
    he's obviously an over-exagerated form of a burnt out stoner
    "heeeey man, weee juusst need to get down toooo tha basement, scooob's, and get us some killer samiches"

    scooby is just a dog, of course hes hungry
  6. truee, just bringing it out to the open. thought it was funny how we grew up as kids watching stoners.
  7. most kids stories/riddles/shows/etc was made by, and resembles stoners/psychonauts
  8. I loved scooby doo as a kid (and still watch every now and then if im really bored).

    have you seen the harvey birdman episode on adult swim where scooby and shaggy get pulled over by a cop and harvey has to defend their odd behavior? its hilarious and theres a lot of talk about weed in it :)
  9. haha. no lies scooby doo was my FAVORITE show when i was litte. like i had pajamas and shirts and lunchboxes. haha i guess it was destiny.
  10. haha nah man i didnt see that episodee, but adult swim is the shit when your high:smoke:
  11. AHAHA! Me and my friends were just talking about this.
  12. Here i found a couple clips from the episode-

    [ame=]beginning of episode[/ame]

    and here's another-
    scooby and shaggy in prison

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