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  1. Religion, therapy, or scam?

  2. It's a scam, along with all the other religions.
  3. the scientology quiosk at the mall certainly looks like a scam.

    they give people stress tests and then i guess try to sell them a copy of dianetics.

    i really dont know much about it other than what i read( and then quickly forgot )on wikipedia. i do recall something about a cruise ship.

    i mean im not saying its total bullshit, they could be just as right as anyone else.... but why do they need all that money?

    i say its a religion, a therapy, and a scam. all three. but especially a scam.
  4. All the above.
  5. I personally believe it is an illuminati front.

    They have
    a) a ton of celebrity members
    b) a lot of really downplayed funding operations
  6. definitely just a scam. just look up there actually beliefs and you will understand. that and the dont tell you what the religion actually is about until youve given everything you have to them and are to brainwashed to care
  7. Therapy i would say, its a religion with no structure or goal.
    its just to help people that have weak beliefs because it doesn't require anything but just calling yourself scientologist, i change my mind it's a scam. :)

  8. Their Jesus is Tom Cruise.
  9. And john travolta.
  10. No offense to any religious people out there, but i believe Scientology is just as a scam as any other religion. They're all fairy tales.

    People ares saying Scientology brainwashes Christianity, Islam,Buddism, etc don't? Hypocrites.
  11. Scientology requires you to pay money to advance in its teachings, not that (organized) religion doesn't do that, but definitely not as shamelessly as Scientology.

    Also, I don't think Buddhism brainwashes people, but then that's just me.
  12. You go to church, and they pass around a bucket. What do they expect you to do? Pay money.
  13. Scientology is FAR more dangerous than a simple money-making scam. It's something that really needs to be dealt with before it's gets even more oout of hand.
  14. hard to judge....for some a scam and for some not so much. I have been battling a stomach bacteria for 6 months not found by my doctor through blood work, stomach tests, breath tests, MRI ect.... I go and see this highly recommended Haulistic Doctor whom believes in Scietology and is a medical majician. 5 Weeks now feeling great. put me on some natural herbs & oils, a little accupressure, a little chiropractics, a little of some energy breathing tests and voila im fixed. Not sure how much this has to do with scientology but he is amazing.

    Uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has been undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for 10yrs and was scheduled to have exploritory surgery <<<------ Yea doesnt sound good.. Its not. Finally convinced him to see this Haulistic Scientologist Guy and 2 weeks later after a few sessions with this guy.......bam feeling good again and back at work. Construction by trade and was back in full force without blinking. This guy is simply a medical magician.

    Sorry for rambling and by no means does what i stated above imply that i agree with scientology for that matter.
  15. The main thing Scientology ever did was show the world just how outrageous Religion can tend to get, yet also show the world just how outrageous all the other Religions are as well.

    Seriously, think about it.

    2000 years ago, you had a handful of followers and believers trying to convince everyone else that one man, Jesus, born out of a miracle, the actual son of God himself, the savior of all mankind, died on a cross and then came back to life a few days later.

    Today, you've got a handful of followers and believers trying to convince everyone that the almighty Xenu was responsible for mankind's existence/creation, who brought billions of us to earth in giant spaceships.

    The only thing that really makes one story more believable than the other is time. I'm certain there were plenty of skeptics 2000 years ago with tales of "Jesus" as there are today with tales of "Xenu".

    To each his own though. Find and follow your own beliefs, as I'm not here to judge.
  16. i say bullshit.
  17. Really? You actually don't think the same thing could be said of damn near any Religion out there? Scientology is the new kid on the block, a mere footnote in the book of human Religious history.

    Other Religions are responsible for the deaths of millions, quite possibly billions at this point, and yet somehow, this is the one you target as being "out of hand". :rolleyes:
  18. The 'creator' of Scientology, who used to be a science fiction writer, is quoted saying:

    `You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.'
  19. [ame=]YouTube - Scientology Crazy Followers[/ame]

    wtf, the people are batshit.
  20. ^ that was funny.

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