Scientists discover natural agent that kills bacteria in food

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  1. Damn! I'm impressed so long as they do numerous studies and make sure it is absolutely 100% safe. It kills the bacteria, but that it'll be left so they should make sure it is absolutely 100% safe. This would be a huge discovery, it could lead to us wasting way less food, and we could send food to other countries. I personally condone this like irradiating food with Gamma Radiation. Good find!

    Source: Scientists discover natural agent that kills bacteria in food | Herald Sun
  2. "Sandwitches that stay fresh for a year"

    So it stops the bread from drying out too? Ands the decay of vegitables in the sandwitch too??
  3. Here's my only gripe with this though:

    That's just retarded an flat out stupid. What if it has some really really harmful side effects? Certain unmentionables have chemical compounds very closely related to other unmentionables, but their effects are widely different
  4. I believe nothing should hit the shelves before a full and exhausted study of any and all compounds/side effects.

  5. Exactly, what if this compound has a nasty side effect that they wouldn't discover and they let it hit the shelves. That wouldn't be good and they would take a lot of heat. Might as well spend the money to research it now and make sure there is nothing wrong with it, then not do so and find out terrible things later.
  6. Exactly, it could cause some type of cancer

    By the time we found out, we would be screwed because

    A: we do not have a MSDS (not sure if this is the right thing but pretty close) for it, therefore we cannot identify possible side affects/risks.

    B: we wouldnt be able to connect the cancer with the agent due to A

    C: since we would not know the cause, government spending would severly increase as they scramble to find the cause, from numerous lab tests and investigating different sources.

    D: by the time the government would figure it out, many would be dead or uncurable, with millions of dollars wasted.

    In the end if it had a terrible side affect, it would cost the government triple the cost to identify and look into it, than it would of than simply doing some experiments in the first place.

    Not to mention the people who could potentally die from the lack of knowledge of the chemical we are spraying onto our foods...
  7. That or the government planned the whole thing

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