SCIENCE VS RELIGION! Bring your best argument.

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    TO KEEP IT SIMPLE: I believe that it is completely natural to substitute one's own

    personal beliefs in order to answer things we do not understand (how we came to be here,

    why we are here). This does not mean that there is no answer to these questions.. I am an

    atheist, and not the unruly deity-hating church-hating kind, but the very reasonable,

    intelligent, and open-minded kind. I will not devote a second of my life to something that i

    personally do not believe exists, and UNTIL THE DAY COMES THAT god or allah or any deity

    is proven real, i will continue on the path i am on. I find it funny that people always regard

    science and religion to be opposites. I believe that science and religion can explain each

    other, and they can disprove each other as well. I also am very amused how each culture

    has their own appropriate deity (buddha, god ((any of them)), allah), to name a few,

    worships their single god, and believes it to be the only true god, and considers all other

    gods to be false. Do these people not see the coincidence? I mean, there are tribes in the

    Amazon that still worship water gods

    and gods of the jungle, and THEY know their gods to be the only true ones. SO i see

    massive conflict. If there are many gods for many things for different people, then to solve

    this dilemma we must find similarities.. The most important is this: human beings. The ONLY

    thing that all religions and beliefs have in common is that they are constructed from the

    human mind, to fill in the blanks of nature, things we do not currently understand. They are

    all worshipped and praised by humans, and humans only! Today, some jehovah’s witnesses

    came to my door and tried to preach upon me, their far-fetched theories. To sum the visit,

    the old man said that, “if evolution was a real thing we would all have eyes on the back of

    our heads”. Haha. What an ignorant fool. I replied, If religion was true, this monitored

    experiment of a planet, the ONLY planet out of MILLIONS to have life, would have been

    flooded a hundred times over from the sins of humans, and we would be in hell or heaven,

    two polar opposites created and believed by fools to explain our NATURALLY-wired-in

    humanistic morals. See, I have heard many times that the Bible, being one of a hundred

    religious books that so ludicrously claims to be the only “correct” scripture, is the guide to

    our humanity, the ONLY reason we have values and society and morals and comparably

    independent fractures of the human conscience. I have actually been told that without the

    bible, humans would not have morals and could not be saved from the infinite depths of hell

    (whatever that is). However, I personally believe there are many “hells” on Earth, such as

    Auschwitz and cavernous volcanoes, and middle Russia in the winter, and middle east in the

    summer. And there are many heavens also, like my mother’s house for dinner, and being a

    kid in summer at a playground, and spending time with the girl I love. What Im trying to say

    is that every single person has their own individual perception of what morals are, and our

    own morals guide us as do our own heavens and hells, respectively. Each human is wired

    from birth to have their own thoughts, their own individual beliefs, and each is entitled to

    these things. But a congregation, a gathering of people and ideas, whether they are real or

    false, cannot be considered evidence! There is no fact behind any original thought process,

    no matter how many people believe in it. Science, ancient and modern, is a thought process

    of mankind. HOWEVER, science has facts to back it up, science has fossils and dna coding

    that factually links different animals to the same species, to the same sub-species, science

    can prove the existence of other stars and planets and animals and remains of animals even

    here on this planet that we have never seen and will never see, except unless science brings

    it back! Which furthers my point about science always advancing, there are always new

    discoveries and ideas related to all the many kinds of science, everything from neurological

    studies to oceanography to microbiology to my favorite- human evolution, all of these are

    always moving forward, there are new, recent discoveries that each and every scientific

    aspect can show progress of. And religion has no progress. None! No people are brought

    back to life, no worldly floods occur despite this day to be much more evil than any days in

    the stories in the bible. YET, everyday scientists discover more stars and galaxies, more

    fossils to assist the more-factual-by-the-day theory of Evolution. So, in conclusion, I believe

    most reasonable humans should be able to see this progress science has made that religion

    has not, and I will place my money on proven progress. The faster horse, so to speak. :)

    Neoteny and Human Evolution | Neoteny, sexual selection, cause of autism, human evolution, social transformation, left organizing and internet activism - how they all connect
  2. Here is how i take it lol

    Science is the religion of fact.
    Religion is the science of faith

    Live and let live, and be let to live and let live.
  3. Holy shit I didn't read any of that.

    But I believe science explains almost everything. People can believe whatever they want so I really don't need to bring my "best argument". I believe what I'm gonna believe and I'm not gonna change anybody else's mind either. So don't really see the reason to argue this stuff (unless they're just straight up ignorant about it, but that's different). If someone is skeptical and wants some feedback I'd be more than glad to give them my input but I don't like "arguing" about this stuff with somebody who completely disagrees with me on it. Just seems like stupid circular illogical arguments that nobody's ever going to be able to "truly" win.
  4. Haven't proven religion.
  5. Science and spirituality answer two different questions. I say spirituality because Religion is just a group of people who share similar spiritual beliefs. To me, Science has only been able to explain how things have happened. It has been left up to me and my spiritual beliefs to determine why things have happened the way they have.
  6. i think spirituality is a different thing entirely than religion.
  7. To keep it simple they are almost one in the same they are just observed from different views.
  8. -Cause and effect exists
    -all effects have a cause
    -by pinpointing these causes and observing the nature of them we can obtain an understanding of all which exists.

  9. To make it simple: WALL OF TEXT.

    Simple? :eek:

  10. lol the simple part was a joke-nothing about reasoning for either science or religion is simple. If you are genuinely interested, then less than 2 pages of text should not be too hard:smoke:
  11. come on, bro, why you gotta make me read?
  12. I believe this will end badly. I base this belief on the science of statistics and the faith that nothing changes.
  13. Two things that make me think religion (more specifically christianity) is just a load of shit...

    1. They talk about "life" in heaven lasting for eternity. But if that were true, then wouldn't our life on earth seem to flash by in an instant? Think about that, you get 80 or so years to prove whether you should spend an eternity in heaven or hell. To me that sounds completely ridiculous. Like giving a baby 10 seconds to answer a question that will effect his entire life, I can't imagine God being that much of a dick.

    2. What if your friends/family don't make it to heaven? Does spending eternity grieving over the endless pain that you know they are experiencing sound like any form of paradise?

    So yeah, when I think about those two things it seems pretty obvious that some guy just made all this shit up to try and scare people 50,000 years ago, and we just ended up running with it.
  14. Science obviously. Is this even a question, come on :laughing: and this has been done already, the thread got closed.

    Wispers *Because science won* :D

    The way i see it, religion: ending your quest of knowledge and assuming some ultimate being created all. Blindly following something with no evidence or any reason to really believe such a thing. Not saying religion isn't OK, but science will and always has won.

    Science: Open to all possibilities, looking through trial and error to find out the real facts. Open minded.
  15. So its pretty ironic how some of those who claim to be of science and reason are the most closed minded and ignorant individuals out there

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  17. :confused: Both sides share ignorance, however if were going to generalize religion is more closed minded and ignorant than science.

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