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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Jim Bobble, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Science + politics is a marriage made in hell by assholes. Get a fkin divorce! Tired of that shit!
  2. Science follows the money and the politicians control the money. They aren't going to support any scientist who's project would prove them wrong.
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  3. Pisses me off ya cant be Left AND Right (depending on issue), or even neither - OR ELSE! Now the thought police are attacking Biology, for obvious reasons. Pressure is on to say things that aren't true or else lose grants and peer respect. Pressure to deliver the PC goods regardless of veracity is for fascist states, which is where we're heading.
  4. That is the cancer of statism

    I wholeheartedly agree with Ed

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  5. This cultural civil war is bad for all of us. It’s bad for science. It’s bad for society. It’s bad for individuals. We’ve let ourselves be fragmented and set at odds against each other. This is nothing short of an insidious political struggle for power. Meanwhile, China has just issued its first 5G licensing since it isn’t preoccupied with inane bickering. I think we’re turning ourselves into a third world nation of irrational haters.

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  6. They go hand in hand, look at the climate change issue. That's a perfect example. Capitalists will always deny it because it doesn't suit them financially.
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  7. Science PLUS religion? Totally the opposite forces..
  8. Sorry, I meant science PLUS politics..
    A lot of people are probably angered by this statement..
  9. I share your frustration. You'll be sad to know that regardless of left/right dynamics, politics plays a huge role in science. I worked in science for 2 years on top of a seven year academic circuit, and I was extremely disheartened by how much ego, status, governmental interests and cultural zeitgeist impacted science.

    I always thought it was the one place dedicated to truth and truth alone. It is not so. :(
  10. Nope not at all, and i wish more people would realize and admit that it is fraught with dogma, prejudice and ego as much as religion, which is why I refer to it as scientism.

    Don't get me wrong, there are honest people who do value and practice the scientific method properly, but even still, he who owns the gold makes the rules, and when they have to constantly have their hand out for financing, they are subjects.

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  11. It's all about social status and financing, which is also tied to social status.

    I've never encountered more fragile egoes than in the academic world. I don't think I'm free of it myself...
  12. Well when they spend all their time in a field they like to think they are the authority on the issue, look at all the backlash people like Graham Hancock get for reporting the unorthodox science, or Rupart Sheldrake or anyone else who is unorthodox.

    We would like to think they are open new understandings but then they are on a level playing field again.

    What drives me insane is the fruitless search for dark matter and dark energy. Like okay, your model predicted it, you have searched for it for what, 80years and keep coming up empty handed because they protect the model from falsification. Sadly to them, the "fact" is that reality conforms to their model, they just have to figure out how, instead of asking if their model conforms to reality.

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  13. I don't know much about dark matter/energy, but time spent fruitlessly researching an issue does not have an intrinsic association with the truth value of it.

    Agree w/ what you say, just not the example. :laughing:
  14. My point is that the arrogance or ignorance of the proponents is or could be slowing down progress in the field.

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