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science joint.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kipper66, May 3, 2011.

  1. was doing an assignment earlier a thermodynamic model of an engine, and need to quickly write down and formula, the only thing near by was a roach book. so i scribbled it on there.

    just came to rolling the joint, and realised i had written a formula for the combustion effects on the roach. how apropriate, a combustion equation used for roach.

    sorry. i'll probably get hate for this post. but sod it. i'm baked and attempting aerodynamics now. share science people. anybody else studying engineering?
  2. a whole lotta gibberish came from that post.

    Did you smoke that joint prior to writing it?
  3. What kind of engine are we talking here? :D
  4. several joints prior to writing that jibberish.

    its only a ford sigma 1.6. but it my model dosnt work, and its due tomorrow. bollocks.

    and the aerodynamics is from a formula renault wind tunnel test.
  5. Don't you need the formula?
  6. only to check it in excel, i hate doing formula in excel. too many brackets.
  7. <-- Mechanical Engineering here. I gotta say, the inner-engineer in me screams like a schoolgirl when I see a showerhead perc bong :yay: It's just so efficient and effective it's ridiculous.

    [ame=]YouTube - SYN Shower Head [HD][/ame]
  8. x2 :D
  9. Aerospace niggguuhhhhh :wave:
  10. well, im not doing anything like that, but next year i wanna go to bristol uni and do either sound engineering or audio and music tech, and the latter of the two encompasses sound engineering as well as more of a production theme :)
  11. awesome, i know a few people doing production etc at southampton/solent.

    and btw, mr islander. i'm from the new forest and worked on the lymington/yarmouth ferries for a bit. i always enjoy the weed down south whenever i got back to my parents.
  12. Serious ?! :O thats awesome :D i get that ferry everydayy to get to college in the new forest :D you know Brockenhurst ? yeahh its good stuff down here providing you can get the right connect, i got a good one atm :smoke:
  13. I know about pulleys and levers and shit.
  14. Future civil engineer right here!
  15. I once used a Charmander Pokemon card for a roach... it just felt right!

  16. That's the kinda science I'm looking for on here ;)

  17. yeah i know brock college, everyone i know went there! (except me, i went to soton city college) and looking at your age, and the fact you went to brock makes me think we probably have some mutual friends.
  18. \
    this is actually a dope vid!

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