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  1. Spookstock was fucking amazing guys. i think it blew schwawg 42 away. The drum circle on miracle beach was where i was at most of the time. I tried looking for a few of you guys out there but damn there was alot of people lol. dropped a 5 strip friday night and tripped balls.
    played some duck duck goose on acid, pretty fun.
  2. Camp Zoe's first big event of the year is almost here. Spring Jam 6 is april 16th. I'll be heading out a day early, as always. Should have a few flushes of shrooms harvested to bring with. anyone going?
  3. No sir, you are very very wrong! SCI is only playing Red Rocks and Horning's Hideout this year (only thing announced.)

    What you are referring to is EOTO, which is Travis and Jason. Still very good, but definitely not SCI.

    You got me far too exciting saying SCI was playing.. :p i knew they wouldn't be doing a small fest like that if they didn't do Roo or anything this year.

  4. that thread digger would be me. And if you read any of the thread you would realize that i have been to several camp zoe events and the post that brought it out of the grave was me informing everyone about spring jam 6.
  5. if cheese played schwagstock, i would chop my own nuts off with a rusty knife to go

    edit: on average, how much is a camp zoe event? i wanna go to schwag soo bad
  6. ill be at spring jam 6! cant fucking wait!
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    usually 60 bucks for 3 the weekend, 70 if you go a day early.
    the members of sci are usually at camp zoe, and there are rumors of string cheese playing there this summer.
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    we should get some kind of meeting set up
    anyone wanna meet?
  9. ok me and some freinds plan on heading out to this,would love to meet sum people and chill,we will bring sum good dank along with us too:)
  10. hell yeah EOTO always plays (Michael Kang and Michael Travis from SCI) and i fucking LOVE EOTO!!!!

    i wanna go to schwag soo bad this year, but i doubt it will happen. Spookstock if im lucky! :hello:
  11. Things like this are what brought Zoe down hill. Zoe was my home. It was a beautiful place with an amazing vibe. But the horrible trend of Custy kids going to buy drugs and get fucked up instead of going to perpetuate the sound and vibe of the Grateful Dead, as well as enjoying the love and company of their Family all around them. It wasn't a place to go get fucked up. Thats what changed the scene. it started being a place for middle class white kids to get high. pretty much a drug fest. Thats why the property is being taken.

    What Zoe needs is a revamp no more custy kids retreating to get fucked up in the woods. It should just be family getting together and enjoying the vibe of the Schwagg and other bands playing.

    Tear for Zoe.
  12. [​IMG]

    EOTO consists of Michael Travis and Jason Hann

    idk why i wrote travis & kang


    anyway, i'm really pheenin to get to a festy at camp zoe. every one i have talked to that has been to schwagstock or spring jam or whatever says that they are just a hell of a great time :hello:

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